The Weekend

This weekend was pretty fun.

Friday night found me and Kayla at the H’s for the church’s ladies meeting. We all learned to crochet baskets. You were suppose to use eight strands of yarn all at the same time; Nechet used all eight. Kayla and Moriah tried only six. And on Saturday, when I made me from memory, I used seven. They all came out really cute, too! It was very nice getting to just sit and enjoy everyone’s laughter. I even got to hold baby Malachi (I love holding babies). Oh, and Nechet lent me their copy of Batman Begins. Yay!

Saturday, Daddy took me to a home school curriculum sale. I found a paper back novel version of A New Hope, complete with pictures in the middle. FOR FIFTY CENTS. I was like,  “No way!” Nathan was with us, and when he caught sight of the front, he gave out this little gasp and said, “Leia!” It kinda reminded me of Luke when he saw Leia for the first time as the hologram figure from Artoo. Except; Nathan’s four. Hmmmmmm.

Sunday was fun. I got to hold Malachi again (can you tell it’s a highlight?!) and then I sat reading the Star Wars screenplays on the floor til Moriah came over and asked what I was reading. I had her read a part from ESB when Han and Leia escape from the Empire in the Millenium, which wouldn’t jump to hyperspace, with Chewie and Threepio. Of course . . . . I didn’t get the book back till it was time to go. I’m tellin’ ya. Scripts can be fun to read! We came home in the middle of the afternoon; watched some cooking shows and then Mom and Dad took a nap. Which left us free to having our first viewing of  Milo and Otis. Nathan fell in love with them.

OH! And Gabe lent me his copy of the score from the Pixar film ‘UP’. I listened to it that night and it is AWESOME! I don’t normally enjoy scores that are on the slower side but this was so pretty I didn’t even mind! I actually preferred them to the more fast paced tracks. It’s now a new favorite. I will have to listen to it a million times before I give it back! 😛 It’s so nice of those two to keep me supplied with soundtracks. 🙂 I really appreciate it. The cool thing is that the ones they lend me are ones I can never track down at the library. So it’s doubly awesome.  Thanks, you guys! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Great and funny about Nathan and Leia. Milo and Otis was comical. Friday night was fun. It’s sooo much fun being with the H’s!

  2. You should post pictures of the crochet baskets! Please? 🙂 (I crochet. Love it!)

    That score’s a favorite of Gabriel’s. (If you’re talking about the Gabe that I know.) 🙂

    1. I was planning on doing that–just need to take pictures. 🙂 I love crocheting too.

      Yes, I’m pretty sure we know the same Gabe. 😛 I know only one Gabriel, anyway.

      ~Jamie Joyce

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