Have you ever tried doing chores with your younger brother?

It’s lots of fun.

Today, I dusted with Nathan’s help.

I gave him a large feather duster and said, “We’re dusting all the surfaces’s and stuff, okay? Like the bookcases”. (And he’s dusted a lot with me; we just hadn’t done it together in a while).

He took his duster and got to work. While I did the bookcases, and he said, “I’ll do the TV” and opened the doors and did the TV in a very quick fashion. I always go back over what he does because he’s not the most thorough, lol. “There, I did the TV.” He said, and moved onto the speakers. I moved over and began to redust the TV. He looked over at me with an expression of almost exasperation and said, “I did that already.”

~Jamie Joyce


5 thoughts on “Dusting

  1. Ah, little kids! They’re so cute. 😀

    I said this elsewhere, but I’ll say it here for public record – love your blog design! Blue and brown is my favorite color combination, I think.

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