Kind of scary, kind of fun. . .

Always there to laugh with

Younger, she will always be

Loud–she is not, thank heavens

Adventurous in imagination but happy enough to simply follow me around


Noisy but can be quieted

Always giggling

The new troublemaker amongst ‘the sisters’

Has a terrible way of falling all over the place

A very good kisser, but must be held down to do so

Never boring


Sweet and silly

Impossible to get rid of (even in your own bed)

Brings lots of joy into one’s life

Loving and loveable

I‘m sure they will haunt me into my married life with sleep overs and car trips

Now they’re just my little charges in life

Getting crazier every minute

So I better get ready.

‘Cause life with siblings is grand.

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “SIBLINGS

  1. I love it! I love it! I love it! Thank you!

    Just a big sis…
    Always watching over me
    Mostly nice..
    I am glad she’s not quiet
    Ever blogging!

    ^get it?

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