At the M’s

We had a super fun time at the M’s yesterday; nearly every one from church was there—-we missed you, J’s!!!! {Hugs} We even carpooled with the McA’s too!

Mrs M showed me how to milk their goat Nana; it was very easy; not as difficult as they’ll show on the tv, anyway. We got to meet their new donkey, Jack. And we gave them our four roosters. Which we named on the way over. Rooster Cogburn (of course. Awesome John Wayne film, by the way.) Father Goose (that’s a Cary Grant film we just saw; very funny). Mayor Shine; from ‘The Music Man’ and Reb Teyve from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. 😛 Now we need to name our hens.

Mosquitoes were rampant. All us girls would just be standing around talking and then we’d start squealling and slapping ourselves (sometimes each other) and freaking out.  I’m sure everyone is chewed up pretty good.

Luke M brought his motorcycle along. I saw Mr M riding it, along with Pastor, Gabe, Dad, and I’m sure Mr McA rode it too. He then took Nathan for ride, who hung on for dear life but said it was fun. He took Kayla, and then me. It was my first motorcycle ride ever; and it was enjoyable. I wore a white helmet, which kept making me think of a stormtrooper helmet. And looking over his shoulder and seeing the desert landscape before us, I felt like I was on a land speeder flying over Tatooine. I told myself I didn’t have to freak out at all, because we see people riding motorcycles all the time you never see them freaking out. So it can’t be too bad. It wasn’t. It was fun. He took me up the rode and then down at 50 miles per hour. So, it’s was really neat.

After the motorcycle ride it was dark and I went inside and had homemade strawberry ice cream. And listened to Mrs M, Mom and Mrs K about their motorcycle experiences. After that, I went outside and sat by a rather pathetic bon fire with the younger girls. We went after wood twice and then we would sit with the smaller girls on the older girls’ laps and giggled. It was pretty crazy.

We didn’t leave till after ten; and I didn’t get in bed till midnight. And we came home to ants in our kitchen. Mom has been busy all morning bleaching dishes and stuff. *sigh* But otherwise, yesterday was very enjoyable.

And they didn’t cook the snake! I got to see it, but they didn’t cook it. So I didn’t get to try it.

~Jamie Joyce

One thought on “At the M’s

  1. That was fun! I loved riding the motorcycle and seeing the animals. -Kayla

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