ALL MINE! Okay, it’s the family’s. But gosh. At last. I have my favorite score on CD now! AHHGGG. And I’m just freaking out now.

My favorite track on the whole thing is “It’s Not My Dilemma Anymore”. Hands down.

Next favorite is “Chasing the Criminal”; beautiful, playful piece! And one of my favorite parts of the whole film.


It’s good.

Get it.


~Jamie Joyce


6 thoughts on “MINE

    1. I’m afraid this happens every time I officially own something I love. Or watch something I love. Or find something I love…… ‘Sides, I can give them some good publicity, anyway. 🙂

      Hey, you’re picking up my word now!

      ~Jamie Joyce

  1. Oh, I understand now.

    Oops! I think I kinda picked it up on accident!! Sorry! 😛

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