The Dogs

I’ve only done one other post about the dogs on my blog, but it’s time to do another one! Here is the link to my last post.

These links are for posts about them that I’ve done on the family blog; please read them; they are a great introduction to this post, there are some good pictures of me and the dogs, and my history with the dogs. 🙂

Meet the Dogs

Morning Visits

Doggie Days

Tink’s Bath

Clarence’s Bath

Books vs Dogs

Clarence is a big boy now. He’s still as spoiled as ever, but he’s still fun. I can’t believe how it’s been almost two years since I started walking him. He’s been such a fun dog. And, of course, he’s my ‘boyfriend’.

Mrs T’s house is almost like a second hang out place for Kayla and I now. She leaves the door open and we can go in and out when we please. We still like to fill cups up with ice to throw to the dogs. Mrs T entertains us with stories of the old days, of her family, and of the dogs quirks and personalities. Since her grandson Billy is no longer here, I’ve helped with some of the keeping-up-with-the-house; checking the air conditioner filters, helping with light bulbs, ect. We also all battle the ants in the yard. 🙂

Here is Kayla with Tink. Tink is kinda Kayla’s dog while Clarence is mine. Tink is still on the roly-poly side… but oh well. She’s happy.

I love my Clarence Boy. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “The Dogs

  1. I must say, they’re both cute! 😀

    I’ll have another chapter of “Grandmother’s Letters” the next time you e-mail me. *hopesthehintdoesn’tsoundtoomuchlikebegging* :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

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