I’m Back

Thanks for your comments! I loved finding them!

My family is back from camping….it was a adventure and a challenge. Mostly because the van’s transmission decided to overheat and bubble over…we ended up getting a whole new transmission in Flagstaff. We still did make it to our camp site though!

We had lots of fun. Dad set up the zip-line (my arms are killing me!). We brought our bikes but it was tough peddling on the gravel. We took a couple short hikes. One was called a loop (a more elegant name then circle)!!! The other took us to a drop off with a beautiful view.

Kayla and I slept in a tent…Kayla didn’t talk till midnight because we were both tired and she said she talked about everything already at the last camping trip. Second night we listened to our music, briefly. We were tired then too.

Kayla and Nathan spent a lot of the time talking Star Wars; and Nathan is four and hasn’t even seen the films! He’s been impersonating Han Solo all week though (he says ‘Han’ is a cool name, and he loves the fact that he carries a gun). Kayla will play Leia, so Nathan will walk past her a say, “look at this, Leia” or just “hi, Leia”. It’s pretty funny. When they’re not playing Han and Leia, they are playing 3PO and Artoo. Kayla will talk like 3PO and Nathan will make beeping and ‘whistling’ noises like Artoo. *shakes head* And he kept calling the trailer a space ship. 😛

It was my first time bringing my laptop on a camping trip. We had a plug in the van that I could attach it too so it wouldn’t run out of batteries. I didn’t have internet connection, but I spent time reading the Star Wars scripts, building photo collages, and letting my little brother listen to the card clicks on my headphones while I played Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Freecell. Then I entertained him with Louis Armstrong, ragtime and the Dippermouth Blues before he dropped off to sleep.

I’m glad to be back. Hopefully I’ll have pictures up here soon. :)I’m planning on my first serious movie review soon, too. It will be a Miss Marple mystery film called, “At Bertram’s Hotel”. I will do my best to not have many spoilers in it. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


10 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I’m glad were back too!

    Nathan’s Han isn’t like the Harrison Ford Han at all! Nathan’s Han is much more polite to Leia and is nicer to 3po and Luke…. and he’s not so proud!
    When I pretend to be C3po I can sometimes understand N’s Artoo sounds! It’s really funny!

  2. Oh! And I can’t wait to see your movie review!!!! I actually think that is my new favorite Miss Marple to watch! (I so symathize with the maid… in a way)

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