Hope Chest and Lord Vadar

Today, Mom is taking me out to check out kitchen items for my hope chest! Yay, I’m so excited. Mom wants to pick help me and my sister pick up some essential kitchen tools that we will need when we get married.The Business Costco has lots of those things that are very nice and very cheap, so hurray!

Also, today, Kayla cast me to play the part of Darth Vadar in her little film version of ‘A New Hope’. My younger brother, who is four, has played Luke and stormtroopers. Kayla herself has played Leia, Uncle Owen, Ben Kenobi, stormtroopers….and has been filming too. She needed me to be Darth Vadar. So. I got to dress up in black pants, black shirt, black cape, black gloves, black boots and wear the famous mask. We filmed a section where I walk into a room and look around. And then we filmed the fight between Ben and Vadar. That was fun. The mask was hot though. I kept fogging up my eye pieces. LOL

~Jamie Joyce


5 thoughts on “Hope Chest and Lord Vadar

    1. I haven’t fought with Nathan yet…. He loves dressing up as Han though. We were joking that I should be Chewie, because I would be bigger then him just like a wookie! Lol.

      ~Jamie Joyce

  1. Hi Jamie Joyce!! This is my first time commenting here….but I love your blog! I checked it out the past few days and its great! 😀
    Very good post! I played Star Wars, A New Hope with my sister and dad in the pool once. I was Darth Vader, a bunch of Stormtroopers, Admiral Piett, Mara Jade and Chewbacca. My sister was Leia and my dad everyone else basically. XD The rest of the day we called him Emperor Palpatine. 😛 It was very fun though!! 🙂

    Jedi~Chick ❤

    P.S. Thanks for the comment and award! 😀

    1. Hello and welcome! I’m glad you commented! 😀

      That sounds like fun! If we have a pool this year me and my sister will no doubt have our Star Wars games, too!

      ~Jamie Joyce

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