Dear Kayla,

You are special to me….thank you for being my sister. I hope we have lots of fun in the future together. Are you going to talk me to death in the tent next week? I will bring my headphones. We will listen to Veggietales and Return of the Jedi score and some of our favorites. It will be fun camping. Thanks again.

Love, Jamie


11 thoughts on “Dear Kayla,

  1. Your welcome. I didn’t really get a choice you know…. 😛
    Yes I will talk to you till about 12:00 at night in the tent, before I doze off, if those loud sneezy campers don’t come sleep near by again!!!

    Now about future fun: You and your prince courage will probably get married before me and my guy do so while I’m still a old maid, you can drive me around in your car and let me sleep over at your new house and I’ll cast your prince courage in all my new action movies and it will be just great!
    -Love, Kayla

  2. PS. I am your best blog follower because I’ve checked it out from the first day almost every day I had a computer available!

  3. Woah…..Scary! You must be a stalker, then!!! 😛 Just kidding! You’re not. We live together.

    What would be the point of me ‘driving you around in my car’?

    I can just imagine that sleepover. “Jamie, it’s too cold. It’s too hot. Jamie, this bed is not comfortable! Can’t I sleep in you’re guys room??! It’s too dark! I wanna night light! Turn the fan up! No, turn it down! Oh, Jamie, stop frowning at me! Whaa!” *thrashes about in guest bed* I can JUST imagine.

    Hey, whatta bout me in the movies? Cast me in it, and you could have a lawful romance film too! !!!!

    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. The point of you driving me around would be so I could buy doughnuts and smoothies and camera stuff and props and balloons and heck- all that fun stuff grownups get!!!

    That story may be true if it was just you and me, but with a guy around, I think I would behave my self much more….

    Yeah, well, I’m not good at romance… do you know what I mean? I don’t direct romance…. I mean, I don’t think so… well…. maybe.


    1. Wow, I suppose you will suddenly become rich when I get married, hmm? You can also pay for the gas. How ’bout the electric bills at the house. And you can also buy us pizza…with wings. Oh, boy, I’m looking forward to this!

      Oh, no, he would be like your big brother. I can see it; add to the story (say my guy’s name was Larry, at the moment). You would give up on me, and scream, “LAAARYYY! SHE’S NOT TURNING DOWN THE THERMOSTAT! MAKE HER BE SUBMISSIVE TO YOU RIGHT NOW!”

      It doesn’t have to be a big part of the story. I could just play the girl he rescues! Like Pat and Normandy from ‘Terry and the Pirates’! ‘Viola!’

      ~Jamie Joyce

    1. The question is not me; it’s you! Where would you get all that money for all that junk!??!

      Yes, you would!!! Yes, you would!

      Yes. Hopefully we won’t be too busy…

      ~Jamie Joyce

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