Puppies and Music

Today I spent a little extra time with Oakley in the front yard. He’s gotten so big and yet he’s still so little.  He’s not yet fully grown but I probably could pick him up very easily anymore. The two of us laid in the grass. He stretched himself out and seemed to be completely relaxed. He just laid there and pulled at the grass with his teeth and snorted. I made a slight mistake in rolling onto my stomach, looking him in the face and saying, “Hi, Oakley.” He went nuts with the attention. He began lick my left ear and made a quick route to the other side of my face (I could barely see through my glasses afterward). As Kayla would say, “Clarence would be so jealous!” I think every inch of my face was thoroughly licked. I took him home after that….and thoroughly washed my face afterward! 😀 He loves me. Now I have two boyfriends. A spoiled Lab and wiggly little Pit Bull. Part Pit, actually. He’s also part English Bulldog. Kinda scary but kinda neat at the same time. To be rolling about with a Pit who loves to lick me.

Next week: training begins! Hurray! The neighbors are hiring a good dog trainer to give both Oakley and Berlin to some good training (Kayla and I are hoping they teach Berlin how to ‘shush up’. She likes to bark at us when we feed Oakley after lunch.) So, it will be really neat to see how he comes out of it. I’m looking forward to saying, “Sit! Roll over! Lay! Heel!” and all those other words that he will learn. 🙂 Not that Oakley is very spoiled, he’s not. He’s a very well-behaved dog, come to think of it, and considering he’s still a puppy. And he doesn’t even bark that often, or whine, or growl either. He snorts. But that’s a different blog post. 😀

And now, for my music friends, I have two fun announcements. I’m now the owner of “Gladiator, More Music from the Motion Picture”. Yes, yes, yes! Since I’ve never seen the film, and gathering from the music from the first Gladiator soundtrack I heard and the one I know have sitting next to me, I take it that not all the music from the film was on that collection; well…I suppose you could say I know have the music that wasn’t included! Lol. At least, I’m guessing. Like I said, I haven’t seen the film so I can’t be that sure. hare several remixed tracks from the first one that are a little strange, and a couple of tracks that have spoken dialogue on them (I didn’t pay much attention to those) and then there are just tracks of film music, which I have been enjoying today! It’s always so exciting to get a new soundtrack!

Second announcement: some of you might remember my post way back when I made a list of my favorite soundtracks; one including the score from our Pastor’s film, “Friday at Noon”. CLICK to read my thoughts on it. Well, guess what?!?! It’s been announced that the score will hopefully be released soon on CD! Here one of the pieces HERE . And click HERE to go to the film’s website; I’m sure they’ll announce there when it’s released. How exciting is that?!?!? So I really recommend you check it out, especially if you’re a composer yourself (I’m looking at you, EFC! *grin*).  So, hurrah and Praise the Lord!! 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Puppies and Music


    I must get my hands on this!!!

    And I’ll definitely check out that Friday at Noon stuff!

  2. I’m so excited about the “Friday at Noon” score!! And I love to hear your new soundtrack *hint hint* sometime…. 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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