I’ve been scribbling stuff, raking leaves, and toppling off bicycles….

I haven’t posted anything for a little while, which is different for me. We’ve been a little busy right now!

We’ve been really cleaning up the backyard (trimming bushes, trees, raking leaves…lots of stuff. Mom’s been doing lots of good work!) It looks so nice right now! There is hardly anything on the ground! I can actually walk along sides of our house without tripping  over car parts, or pool stuff or just ugly ol’ boxes. Now the scorpions don’t have as many places to hide! HA!

I was tramatized just a little bit last Monday. I fell off my bike. No, not fell. I was lurched from my seat. I missed the shallow part in the sidewalk and my front tire hit the sharp curb of the sidewalk. I even knew it was coming. I missed, and my thought was, “Oh boy! This is not good!” Next moment—“boing!” I was lurched up and off. I was not badly hurt, though I almost had my breath knocked out of my lungs. The worse was my right knee, which lost most of it’s skin. Ouch. Did it sting for the first couple days (I also got a very nice bruise; oh the joy). It is finally looking better; most of the scab has come off and it doesn’t hurt to bend my knee anymore. Praise the Lord! A neighbor asked if the ordeal scared my away from riding for a while. No, not really. I didn’t ride for almost a week, though, because I could barely walk let alone ride. I rode today and everything went smooth. No problem. I’m back to my normal self. 🙂

The chickens are doing awesome. They all love the perch and have no idea of personal space. They like to sit as close as possible together. 🙂 Kayla is doing a awesome job doing their food and water. 😀 We think we have more roosters then hens, but it’s still hard to tell.

A couple days ago I sat down, stared at my empty computer screen, and then typed the words, “There were two of them.” I did a writing fling; in first person, which is a style of writing that I’ve never really explored (I don’t really like reading books in first person, so why write it like that?). But, it came out like it. It came out about six pages long and was inspired from a scene from a Miss Marple film. My imagination went wild—I was making up characters whom I had never even concieved before that moment. I discovered the character, Em, was really an interesting person and I think I will be exploring her story. She has some interesting family members (one of whom is from my Carmichael story!) and some friends with cool names that could really made into something. I’m thinking of giving it a mystery twist. By the way, what is ‘it’? I don’t know. Maybe this will turn into a new book. Maybe this will be the start of that mystery I’ve been thinking of…the one titled “High School Murder”. It probably deserves a better title then that, but hey! It grabs one’s interest! 😀

I’ve also been thinking of changing my blog template around my birthday (which is in about two months). I want one that is white and bright (like me) and can have a picture on the top. I’d love to be able to change the pictures of the top! I can’t do that with my one template right now, so, I really excited about give my blog a brighter look! But that will be in a couple months at least.

And speaking of the blog world, I joined my fist giveaway at my friend EFC’s blog—it’s crochet items. Since it’s my first time joining a giveaway and her first time hosting one, it should turn out interesting! She’s been a neat ”friend’ and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better. It’s awesome that we both enjoy film scores; probably our biggest thing in common! 🙂

I should close. If you read this whole thing, then you are pretty neat. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “I’ve been scribbling stuff, raking leaves, and toppling off bicycles….

  1. I’m so sorry you fell…
    Great! You must read me that book!!!!! SOOOOOOON!
    Can’t wait for a template change!

  2. I must be “pretty neat” then! :p

    I’m sorry you fell… though I’m sure your quite recovered now! :p

    The story sounds interesting! I’ll try to e-mail you about my new writing exploits soon… 😀

    (Oh and your new background is neat looking! :D)

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. Yes, I’m quite recovered! Lol

    Don’t tell me you started ANOTHER story?!?! You are still working on Grandmother’s Letters, right?!?!?

    Thank you. I like the music notes on the side. I keep wanting to take my laptop down to the piano and try it out! LOL

    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. Well, actually, I have technically started two… :p And yes, I’m still working on Grandmother’s Letters.

    Heehee I had the same thought, before I got sick! :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

  5. No, praise the LORD! And I’m feeling much, much better now. In fact, I think I’m nearly recovered! I’m so thankful! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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