I love chocolate. When I was younger, I liked milk chocolate. But Mom is parcial to dark chocolate, and that’s the only type of chocolate she’ll buy, so I learned to love bitter chocolate a long time ago. Yum, yum, yum!

I used to think I’d get my first bouquet of roses and large box of chocolates from Prince Courage. Grandpa beat him with the chocolates this time. I’d never received so many chocolates that were all for myself before. It was about twice the size of the picture above. They were good. Oh, and I did share! With Mom and Nathan. Kayla got her own as well. (We did trade the chocolate that we didn’t want with each other.)

One thing I really love is homemade chocolate frosting; when you cut the chocolate, melt it, and then stir it into the butter cream frosting….it’s so good. However, I’ve yet to learn how to make frosting roses. Hopefully soon. 🙂

I love chocolate!

~Jamie Joyce


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