I went shopping and bought….you guessed it.

So, yeah, Mom and I went out again…and at Walmart I frantically paged past posters of Twilight, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter and silly bunny rabbits hunting for more wall treasure. I found not just one, but two! And I am now nearly out of wall space by my bed.

I found another Star Wars Saga poster; with clips from the first three films (we still haven’t seen ‘Return of the Jedi’ yet!). And the other poster was of two horses.

I really liked this horse poster. It’s just so beautiful and and breathtaking. And it’s purple! I love it, I love it, I love it!

I love the look of the reflection. And it wasn’t till I got home that I realized the horses were standing behind a ocean!

I love how clear the one wave beside the horse’s head is! The picture auctually has some depth to it. It’s inspiring me to really write something beautiful. I could base something that happens in that canyon back there or something.

What can I say? I really, really liked this one. It was one of those “Oh, my gosh!” moments when I first saw. I just about flipped out in front of the entire store! *rolls eyes in embarrassment* I was really excited, okay?!?!? And now it’s tacked on my wall.

I really like this shot of Luke. We need more boys to drop the video game controller and pick up the sword (or *giggles* lightsaber) and become men of character and courage like him.

So, *cough* now you know that I am quickly running out of wall space. If I buy one more poster, I’ll be stuck! You can barely see the wall anymore. What with my three posters, and Kayla photos of John Wayne on her wall. 😀 John Wayne and Star Wars. Whatta combination. *Grin*

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “I went shopping and bought….you guessed it.

  1. Jamie, if you like that Star Wars poster, you should get the new shirt from Her Universe. It’s a gray t-shirt with that poster design on the front. Seriously awesome!!

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