Favorite Moments!

So, Veggietales does have some worldview issues. *giggles* but I still love the humor in the songs and stories. I’ve enjoyed catching up on all the films we’d missed since the film ‘Jonah’….the one part of each new show that I look forward to is the silly songs (see my playlist; it has all my favorite songs!). Kayla and I really enjoy watching them. I’m going to have to borrow ‘Larryboy and the Rumor Weed’ from the library, though. It was my favorite when I was little and Kayla doesn’t remember it, so I need to get her to see it. Larryboy is one of my heroes! I love that guy! Bob is so dependable and tries so hard to run these shows. And he has THE BEST expressions. Larry is hilarious. And it’s my opinion that the peas are the cutest of them all. Oh, and below are my captions for the pics above….

Larry: “Barbara Mantee! I’ll be your Mona Mi! I’ll take you to the ball! I hope you’re not too tall!” (King George and the Ducky, Silly Song “Endangered Love”)

Fish: “Move along.”

Chips: “Nothing to see here!” (Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler)

Bob: “But Lance just kept on cookin’, he was grillin’ full of glee. He was marinading ribs ’cause he likes *paper is shredded through fan* Huuuu! Uhhh *picks up two pieces of paper* . . . syrup with his fetta cheese? Uh…I’m sorry, I…*peas tape paper specks back together* Uh, Lance’s purple turtle shell has ketchup if you please? *starts to freak out* Pineapples are shiny and spotted tiki bumble bees?!?!  *falls apart*Oh, man!” (Gideon; Tuba Warrior, Silly Song “Lance the Turtle”)

Laura: “You’re a talking weed!”

Weed: “I’m a talking weed. You’re a talking carrot. You’re pointless!” (Larryboy and the Rumor Weed)

Jerry: “Hello! I’m the sweedish man who went up the hill and came down with all the strawberries….bringing the name ‘selfish’ upon myself!”

Jimmy: “You’re not Sweedish!”

Jerry: “SHHHH!” (Lyle the Kindly Viking)

Junior: “You both care about your share of gold so rare and big TVs. But when I share, I get my share of friends.” (Lyle the Kindly Viking)

Milword: “It looks like a turtle”

Cavis: “Milword, I don’t care if it looks like a chicken on a bicycle! If this is what the prince wants to see, then this is what we’re showing”

Milword: “It looks like a turtle” (The Star of Christmas)

Carrot: “Can we keep the flashlights?!” (Gideon, Tuba Warrior)

Sweetpea: “Chicken dinners always made me sleepy!” (Sweetpea Beauty)

Larry: “Got the munchies on that fatal night ’round eight o’ clock. But I had a feeling something wasn’t right because I waited for hours. No pizza…..Pizza angel, please come to me. Tomato sauce and cheese so goey!” (Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush, Silly Song “Pizza Angel”)

Larry: “For ultimate sneeze satisfaction try allergic reaction. *Places plant under Bob’s nose*Take a deep breath, if it helps you could squint at the sun! *shines light on Bob* Or here’s some pepper! *shakes pepper over Bob* Lets see…I know! We can try this feather! *waves feather under his nose* Don’t be afraid! Set is free! Let it go! *a sock* Go! *ducky* Go! *plunger* GO, GO, GO, GO! *cheese, bowling ball, rubber duck* *Bob is disgusted* (Abe and the Amazing Promise, Silly Song “Sneeze if you have To”)

Larryboy: *climbs out of wrecked Larrymobile in sewer* Okay. I can do this! I am…after all… a super hero!”

I love to laugh! Oh, and most of the silly songs mentioned above are on my playlist. 😀

~Jamie Joyce

5 thoughts on “Favorite Moments!

  1. I love Veggie Tales too, too! Bob cracks me up! Archie is hillarious too. And the peas are so cute! Bob’s Lance the Turtle song is one of the funniest!

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