Old Friends

Yesterday, us ladies went out into the garage and began organizing! Hurrah!! Sorry. At any rate, we just started opening boxes, tossing boxes into the back of the van for Goodwill and looking for some things we had packed away a couple years ago.

I finally got to rip out some of my old things I had to put away. I found my ORIGINAL pages for Weather Kids. WOW. Ancient, can I tell ya. I found my first received letters from Ashley B, my old friend and pen-pal. I found letters from my Aunt Paula, even (mental note: write her soon!). And lots of letters from Grandma.

My favorite thing was getting to pull out my large box of stuffed animals. 😀 Old, old friends came out into the light. Mom allowed me to take a couple of my old ones back. I took pictures of them all to remember the ones that will have to move on. The neat thing was that I remembered nearly all their names! It was like seeing really old friends again. Lots of these animals date back to when I was two years old. 😀

This is Dora. I’ve had her for a long time. In fact, I got her from the same Aunt who gave me Teddy. I chose her name from a favorite story I had; a story about a little mouse who got a doll, and named her Dora. I don’t remember much else, but I loved the name and called my new bear that.  I’ve had her since I was seven. I think. She is being kept.

This is Rex. Rex is a girl. Yes. It’s really weird, but when I was younger, the only name I had for this dog was Rex. But, it was also clear in my mind that Rex was a mother dog. So…..I suppose Rex is a she. I still don’t know why I thought to name a mama dog Rex. Maybe I thought that name fit the dog. Mom bought Rex, and she said I could keep her. 😀 She goes back to my early days.

This is Snuggles. I think it’s the same bear from the soap boxes. Really old pal. And really cute. He’s another one of those old timers. 😀 I’m keeping him as well.

This is Samantha. There was a reason I named her that, but I have forgotten it. She’s actually a Build-a-Bear from Disneyland. I got her not long after I got Dora. Those two were good friends. Anyway. I think I left Samantha in the box, though….

This is a seal, and I can’t recall any name for this creature, or if it was a boy or a girl. Since, obviously, I didn’t have any attachments to this animal, I’m letting it go, too.

For most of the day, I couldn’t recall what this guys name was. It was on the tip of my tongue, and yet I couldn’t remember. It didn’t dawn on me till he had been washed and placed back on my bunk. Sludge. That had been his name. I can’t remember where I got him, but he’s really cute, soft and adorable, so I’m keeping him as well.

Aren’t these two a funny pair? Kayla took one look at them, and said, “Eh, ugly!” and then “Hey, it’s Oakley!”. LOL. I couldn’t remember their names either for a while. Then I remember one was Sausage. The other’s still evades me. Kayla thinks it was ‘Meatball’. I’m not keeping these guys either…

And this is Oliver. At first I was thinking ‘Christopher’, but then I remember it was really Oliver. Oliver has a story of how he joined my gaggle of bears. The story goes like this (as well as I can remember; I was pretty young).

Dad worked at a Mercedes Benz dealer owned by a Mr Schumacher. He hosted a party one day for his workers and our family went. Mom says it was Rawhide, which is a western themed place. I don’t remember much. Western food, getting Sprite and boring conversation by adults.

When we came home that night, however, Dad and Mom set us down to write thank you letters to Mr Schumacher for the nice evening. I specifically remember trying to write out his name (I probably wrote ‘Mr Shoemaker’!)

The next morning, Dad went to work and took our thank you cards with him. He came back with roses for Mom and two bears. Apparently, our family was the only one who sent thank you notes to him. Dad said Mr Schumacher had been very excited by the cards and in return gave Daddy the two Mercedes brand bears to give to us. Oliver was one of those bears.

Although I’m not keeping him, we’re keeping the overalls and I took the picture above to remember him. And remember, guys, always write thank you notes! Who knows what you’ll get in return. ;D

I’m going to end on this guy. I didn’t recognize him at all. Where he came from, what I called him; nothing. I’m posting his picture, however, because Mom let Nathan keep him. He is now Nathan’s  dog called Blackie. 😀 But, honestly! I just don’t remember him!

And those are only some of my animals. There were three other large dogs, about three or four other bears, and several pillows in that box. I’ve only done a few of my favorites. 😀

I love animals. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. This such a cute idea, I love lots of my old animal friends kept in boxes too. Pictures are an amazing keepsake. You’ll have them around forever and will take up a lot less space. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Oliver is so cute! I can’t believe you didn’t keep him!! Otherwise… good post! :p

    Now then… I hath caught up on thy blog! Thou wilt have many comments to approve when the sun arises! Unless, that is, you are up at this crazy hour like I am! :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. I know, I wanted to keep him, but there were other animals that I loved more.

    Yes, I did find these this morning! Lol. I was quite happily surprised. Thanks. I will now have to tell Kayla to come read all these. 😛

    ~Jamie Joyce

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