Easter Events

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday!

We stayed home from church (several reasons; I wasn’t feeling very well, Mom’s foot hurt and us ladies did not look forward to the very long drive to church that was taking place over an hour away! For-get it!) Besides, Mom wanted to make a nice lunch; which we did.

We had a nice breakfast of orange rolls. While we didn’t do baskets, we did get gifts. Chocolate. Candy. Water missels. Peeps (and I got Nathan’s because he didn’t like his!). And a few other things which I can remember right off the top…

Dad had pulled out the old colored eggs from the attic. I went outside and scattered them about the yard. Nathan got one of our old easter baskets and went hunting. Dad and Mom did some for Kayla too. I didn’t hunt for any. I got on my email instead. 😀  We sat outside and watched the chickens; and tried out the missels.

We did ham in a crockpot. Made messy potatoes, green bean casserole, raspberry jello with raspberries, and rolls. It was good.

In the afternoon us ladies watch two Miss Marple shows. She’s a detective. Yeah. Another detective. They were also very good. I guessed the bad guy correctly in the second one. 😀

We had a late dinner and finished a puzzle we were working on. Dad took Nathan for a walk and I went with them. After all that we watched another Miss Marple film before bed. I had been wanting to watch Ben-Hur, but apparently it was too late to see it.*sigh* I love that movie…..

So, that’s the gist of our holiday. It was SO nice getting to stay home from church. And anyway, Pastor wasn’t going to be there; we wouldn’t have been able to see the new H baby too. It was great just getting to have a relaxed day and Dad didn’t work either. So very nice!

We will see if I get any pictures up on here. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce