The Last of Legoland

This is my last planned post of Legoland. 🙂

Miniland is where we ended.

We rode on a boat ride near Miniland…I can’t remember what the ride was called, but it was slow and nice. We passed lots of lego creations and went through a part of Miniland. The following pictures were taken of the boat.

Miniland from the boat. 😀 It was small, but some of the buildings were taller than a man. 😀

Then we rode the sky liner. Mom, Nathan and Dad did it together and Kayla and I went together. You glide above the ground in the above contraption. It goes at slower pace, and you can speed it up a little bit by peddling.

These are the same dinosaurs from up above. 😀

I didn’t do this one, for once. You simply pull yourself up to the top as you circle around. And when you want to go down, you let go.

And then, in Miniland, they had some busts of famous people, which I posed by (Kayla caught on video camera). Can you guess who that is above?

There was a famous movie star, opera singer, Elvis Presley, ect. Churchill was my favorite because they had a cigar in his mouth!

And, wonder of wonders, we got to see a part of Miniland that was under construction for an entire Star Wars section. I hope we can go back there when it’s all done so we can see what they did. That would be so neat!

So…that’s all the pictures I’ve got. That means I’m all done. This brings a close to my Legoland posts.

The End.

~Jamie Joyce


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