Easter Molds

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly Easter! I have lots of good Easter memories; most of them with Ben and Bethany’s family; Egg hunts, Easter lessons, and just being with family. Easter baskets was another thing we enjoyed. We got lots of our family reading books in our easter baskets; Millie Keith, Violet Travilla. I don’t think we got the Elsie books in our baskets….I know we got four of them for Christmas one year, but not in our baskets. Anyway, Easter is lots of fun. We don’t do baskets, eggs, or get-togethers anymore, but it’s still fun remembering.

Oh, and above are candy molds that I made (all by myself, too! Twas very easy!). Mom  bought molding chocolate and I pulled out some Easter molds…and some that were not Easter molds. The favorites have been the cowboy hats and boots. Figures. I prefer the cute teddy bears myself. 🙂 They’re not really Easter-y though. Nathan really likes them. After lunch, he now asks, “Can I have a mold?” It really doesn’t sound appetizing when he says it though because then we all picture green fuzz growing on rotten cheese—-yeah, you get the picture. Sorry. ANYWAY, that’s my attempt at doing something for Easter….

~Jamie Joyce


6 thoughts on “Easter Molds

  1. Yes, some chocolate is brown. Haven’t you ever heard of white chocolate? Don’t bother saying, “that’s not chocolate!”. It’s not CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLATE but it’s still chocolate! And, one can make colors with dye! For instance, the two colors we had were yellow and blue. I put them together and it came out green. So there. Colored chocolate. It’s really very simple.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Alright now, that explains it. You can’t just refer to white chocolate as “chocolate” though… It’s confusing to people!! :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. *cough* It’s never confused me. If it’s not brown..it’s not chocolate-chocolate. It’s white chocolate or melting chocolate instead. It’s really rather obvious to me. 🙂

    ~Jamie Joyce

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