I went shopping and bought . . .

Today I went shopping with Mom. I bought some nice headphones at Fry’s Electronics. I looked at the soundtracks, but they were expensive and I can get them cheaper on Half.com. 😀 I was very tempted to buy the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. We looked at the film collections they were selling, too. Charlie Chan, Alfred Hitchcock, John Wayne, Roy Rodgers, Sherlock Holmes . . .

Then we went to Michael’s, for no particular reason, because I just wanted to look around. For the first time, I dared look through the posters. They had everything from Tangled and Toy Story to Harry Potter and Justin Bieber *large groan*. I hit gold in the middle of them all. It was a collage of nearly all the Star Wars characters together! Everyone from Anakin, Luke, C3PO and R2 all the way down to minor characters I haven’t even seen yet (but recognized from all the Star Wars books I’ve been borrowing). It even had George Lucas’ picture! I bought it. It’s sitting on my dresser. I just need to find a nice place to hang it. 😀 When I do get it up, I’ll take a picture and post it. 🙂

~Jamie Joyce

EDIT Okay, I’m back on here editing this post because I couldn’t wait and tacked up the poster over my bed.

Here’s my bed space (yes, it normally is messy; no excuses from me about it!). If you thought my fuzzy art posters were large, look at my SW poster between them!
Here is the full poster. Plus the books I have from the library. Yes, didn’t I say I’m like Belle in that I love to read?! Read. Read. Read! I can often repeat what she said, “Oh, I couldn’t put it down!”

Lol, Vadar sticks out like a pin because he’s the only one in black!

And look who I found hidden on the side! He should be in the very middle! He made them all up, after all!

*Sigh* If only I found a poster like this of Basil Rathbone/Sherlock Holmes. And John Wayne. Oh, and Errol Flynn. Too bad they’re so old fashioned you never see them anymore! At least the poster people are still doing Star Wars!

~Jamie Joyce


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