Pumpkin Patch; Take Two

Aww…. We were so cute.

Wow, whatta introduction! This is my second ‘Pumpkin Patch’ post. If you’ve been following for a little while you might remember my last post. If you’ve only started checking my blog recently, and didn’t see all those cute pictures of those four cute kids up there about five years younger, you might wanna check this post. Go ahead. Don’t be afraid. You can always come back! Besides, I did all of my explaining in that post, so, if you’ve forgotten, better refresh your memories. 😀 By the way, this Pumpkin Patch trip happened in 2003. Yep. We were sprouts.

Here is Kayla feeding one of the goats. 😀 We loved the petting zoo. I’m trying to remember how old we were. Kayla and Bethany were probably seven years old. Ben and I look about the age of eight to nine. 😀

Feeding chicks. I love Bethany’s overalls in this picture. They’re so cute! We were so cute! And Ben wasn’t taller than me!
LOL, me and my crooked teeth. 😀

Backrow; Mom, Aunt Kathey, Uncle David. Frontrow; Kayla, Bethany, Me, Ben and Daddy

 Hay rides were lots of fun.

ENTER ‘Chaos’. A BIG highlight of ours. We did it nearly every year after this. Lots of obstacles to get through, get over, under. It ended with a big slide.

The shooting gallery was fun too. You shot red pellets at hanging objects. Ben really like that one. I think us girls went through it once and were done.

Apparently around lunch time we had our picture taken. How sweet.

Cat’s Cradle was difficult but fun. I can’t remember very well, but I’m pretty sure we got to the top with each others’ help. We would hold the ladders steady for each other. Go cousin team work!

We had lots of fun on the pony rides. You can see me in the background daringly spreading my hands.

Kayla on her pony. Poor Bethany was the smallest, so she had to ride on the smallest pony. 😦  Oh well. They look cute together.

Me on my pony. Who looks like Black Beauty. 😀

Bethany and her pony. Bethany had the best smile. 😀

Now, this one was neat. Huge spouting hoses that sprayed water out really strong. You would spray at hanging objects and make them spin. And sometimes two people in yellow slickers would drive a boat out and would get thoroughly wet. It was Ben’s objective to fill the boat up with water. *grin* I think it was one of his most favorite things at the Pumpkin Patch.

Then we discovered a tree made good pictures. 😀

I wish we were still going to the Pumpkin Patch. 😦 I wish we still got together as often as we did. I miss them all. . .

~Jamie Joyce


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