Little Bits of Life

It’s quiet tonight. Mom and Dad are busy elsewhere, and Kayla and Nathan are upstairs.

Kayla and I have finished watching Disney’s ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ again for the …. twentieth time? Anyway, it’s an old favorite. We hadn’t seen it in a little while, so it was nice to re-watch it. It might be nice to live up in the trees . . . .

It feels as though something is about to happen. I know we are going to go to friends’ house tomorrow, and that the H’s are going to have their baby really, really soon, and that we’ll have to go to Heritage church this week…but it seems like something bigger is going to happen. I don’t know what, but I can feel it . . .

I need to work some more of “Two Knights and a Princess”. The story is deep inside me and I don’t know how to get it out. Normally I can just type away at 45 words per minute, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this story. I suppose because it takes place in a made up land of my own, with a richer language, and a deeper message then just bouncy family life and sibling scenes. It’s something I’m not used to writing. I guess I will have to work harder at it. I’m glad I have made a character bible, so to speak. Early in the year, I had written all the main and side characters out in a notebook; good thing. I had almost forgotten half of them. Isn’t that terrible? Oh well. I guess it’s good when one is too busy with house and family to write. 🙂

Earlier today, Mom took us kids to Hobby Lobby. Kayla wanted some stickers for tomorrow’s craft day. I went along, and we brought Nathan too. She did find her stickers but we made an awesome find. We found a set of Star Wars themed stickers and paper! We both went on fire. We each bought our own sets; Kayla tracked down two other sheet of stickers and we both bought them to split between the two of us. She’s going to make posters with it. I’m not sure what I’ll do with mine. Probably save it somewhere where it will get dusty. *sigh*. We like Star Wars. I guess that means we’re ‘old school’. No Middle Earth. No Narnia. No Twilight, no Harry Potter, no nothing. Nope. For the past couple years it’s only been Errol Flynn and the detectives. And now, we’ve only just gotten to that galaxy far, far away . . . . we probably won’t get any farther . . . .

Time to go to bed. We’re going to J’s house tomorrow for lunch and crafts! I’M SO EXCITED!

Sleep tight, and remember:

It’s never wise to upset a Wookie!

I would say “May the force be with you” but I don’t like the force that much.


I’ll just have to say:

Stay calm and trust God!

~Jamie Joyce


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