Safari Jeeps and the Fairytale Brook

Okay, I’ve been waiting for a long time to reach this post. It has some of my favorite pictures. 😀

We came back to this section of the park later in the afternoon, when it was so swamped. It has Nathan’s favorite ride the Safari ride and one of my favorite rides; Fairytale Brook. See below, of course!

They have a dinosuar section too; with a Dino Rollarcoaster; but it wasn’t running that day. That was too bad, because it is a really fun ride.

So, here are the shots from the Safari ride. I took pictures as fast as I could; I was on a moving vehicle, after all.

Here is the little cars you ride on. Nathan had a great time spinning his wheel. 😀

I love these lego butterflies.

So, below is the pictures from the Fairytale Brook. You’re probably thinking; “this doesn’t sound like Jamie. Since when did she like fairytales?” Well, I don’t know all the stories; nor do I really like fairytales. But ever since I was a very small girl, I’ve loved this ride. It’s not much of one. It’s a boat ride and you flow through the brook looking at different scenes from fairytales.

Whether it was the curious lego creations, or the extremely cheery, mystically music, or the fact that the boat looked like a leaf, I don’t know which, but I really liked this ride when I was small. So, I still do. I guess it’s like that sleeping guard at the Knights section. It just has a comforting feeling to me. A piece of my childhood. And, for the first time, captured on camera. That was the best part.

Nathan and Mom rode ahead of us (Kayla and I), so I got pictures of them too. Dad didn’t want to ride it, so he waited for us with all our stuff.

There’s the Big Bad Wolf; he’s popular. He would move, too. He would go under the water, and his scuba tube thiny would fill up with water. Then he’d come back up and the water would shoot out behind him.

There is Little Red Riding Hood. She’s sweet.

The Big Bad Wolf blowing at the Three Little Pigs’ house. He would move forward when blowing (with sound effects too).

Here’s the wolf with his campsite. I had to snap pictures quick. *sigh* The problems of photography and moving vessals. At least the boat moved slowly.

Here’s one of the pigs. The clothes you see hanging behind him would swing back when the wolf ‘blew’; showing the passing of wind. 😀


Here’s some random giant who would fill his mouth with water and then squirt it at you. *rolls eyes* How exciting.

*GASP* PRINCE CHARMING! He even has a white horse!!!!!

Here’s a castle you flow through briefly; passing the evil witch and the famous scene from Sleeping Beauty.

Awww. Okay, never mind. Of course, they added a really loud, fake sounding kissing noise. Of course. *shakes head* Kayla was so grossed out.

I’m guessing this was the bad witch. Except, she doesn’t look bad to me. She looks like your everyday Grandma. Only, she’s carrying a wand. Hmmm.

*fake sigh* How special. Lol

And these kids are Hansel and Gretal? I kinda was thinking that. Kayla thought they were Jack and Jill….

Here’s a Jack. There was a voice from behind saying, “Fe, fi, fo, fum. I smell the blood of an English man. Be he live or be he dead; I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.” Wow. This such a kid friendly ride! Lol. Never mind. It’s a cool lego creation.

Then you go through a tunnel. I think it was Aladdin themed; I’m not sure if he’s suppose to be with a cave or not, but that’s where they had him.

There he is! Oh, with his genie. Is that was it was called? Yes, it was. He’s look silly. 😀 You can tell I did not grow up watching the Disney film of Aladdin.


Then, we’re back to Little Red Riding Hood, knocking on Granny’s door.

And then, it’s like the end of the ride and you have to get off. They do have a list of what was shown; if you can read any of them. 😀

And that’s it for this post. I have only one more lego one planned out! Oh bother.

~Jamie Joyce