Chicken Coop Complete

It’s done! The chicken coop is done!

So Kayla and I gave the whole thing two coats of white paint. Talk about work. It was much harder then it looked. But we had some fun together. Kayla riddled me with questions about Tangled and Star Wars; as though I was some film pro. We listened to our Beauty and the Beast soundtrack together too. We also were chased about the yard by a large ugly carpenter bee. We would be happily painting, and then suddenly! “BZZZZ!” This huge black bee would come and disturb us. All we could do was scream and flee for the house. Once inside, we would stand at the door and squeal while watching him zoom around our project….

Proof that I painted. 😀 I also had to turn a whole dress into a paint smock.

Mom painted the lid yellow, and the green and the flowers. 😀 She did a great job!

These are the holes that enter each nesting box; that’s how you can get eggs without needing to go in. 😀

The chicks are in their new home!

This picture is adorable. You would think these guys had never eaten!!


Yours truly with a chick who isn’t much of a chick anymore. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Complete

  1. I may have screamed and ran from that bee, but I’m also the one who caught it and killed it!!! I’m so glad the coop is done!!! -K

  2. You all did a beautiful job!! I love it!

    Have you seen “Tangled” as well as “Star Wars”?

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. No, we have not seen Tangled. I know so much about it because it is the RAGE right now over the blogosphere. Girls everywhere are falling over drunk on this movie; this brings on long ‘fangirl’ posts about it with millions of pictures. One can put things together after looking at all these posts….. I saw the trailer in the theaters when I went to see “Secretariat” too. I also read a long review about from ‘Plugged In’ or one of those movie reviewer places. Kayla didn’t know a drop about it and was all mixed up; so I was answering her questions the best I could…. Hope that answers your question.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. Yes, it does. Thanks. 😀

    I posted by the way… tell Kayla. She was begging for a post. 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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