As Charlie Chan Would Say . . .

So, at the main library I found an encyclopedia of all the Charlie Chan films! *FAINTS* Super find!

And, in this book, I found a list of nearly all of his ‘sayings’. His little doses of wisdom and common sense, normally used in the context of helping police, or people who have hired him to solve a crime. I couldn’t help but share some of my favorites that I found.

Facts like photographic film–must be exposed before developing.

Finding web of spider does not prove which spider spin web.

Hasty deduction like ancient egg–look good from outside.

Guilty conscience only enemy to peace and rest.

Faith is best foundation for happy future.

Good detective never ask what and why until after he see.

Hasty conclusion like gunpowder–easy to explode.

Motive like end of string, tied in many knots. End may be in sight but hard to unravel.

Silence best answer when uncertain.

Cannot see contents of nut until shell is cracked.

Not time to expose lies–must expose truth.

Hasty conclusion like toy balloon–easy blow up, easy pop.

Politeness golden key that open many doors.

All play and no work make Charlie Chan very dull policeman.

Present case like too many cocktails–make very bad headache.

Caution very good life insurance.

When searching for needle in haystack, hay stack only sensible location.

Truth only path out of tangled web.

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.

Truth like oil–will in time rise to surface.

Confidence of favorite son like courage of small boy at dentist–most evident after tooth extracted.

Nut easy to crack often empty.

Biggest mistakes in history made by people who didn’t think.

If man place himself in way of finger of suspicion, must not be surprised if he receive poke in eye.

Surprised detective might as well clutch iron ball and dive in lake.

Sometimes muddy waters when stirred sufficiently brings strange things to surface.

His style of saying truth is so different but neat. Go Charlie! (And Lee! And Jimmy, too! Okay. And Tommy. Oh, and Birmingham! Lol)

~Jamie Joyce


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