Piano Playing

I’ve been playing the piano a little more often, lately. I enjoy playing, when I can I read most of the notes that sit propped up in front of me. My last teacher said that she knew I would sit and play on a keyboard for hours, if only to try every single setting. I have done that, when given the chance.

I play on a upright piano, which is very nice. Imagine trying to move something, like, per say, a grand piano, if you had to go to a new house? I think it would be rather challenging. If I could have any instrument in the world for free, though, that is what I would pick…. a black, open, grand piano. With a leather seat. *grin* That opens. Our piano bench opens up. Is that how all of them are? Probably.

I’m still trying to conquer the original version of ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ on of my favorite piano songs. I know a very simplified version by heart already, but I want to play the real version. It’s been really slow. I’ve got down…the first four measures; right hand only. 😀 It’s four pages long. Even longer. I keep thinking that I should first learn ‘The Entertainer’  because that song doesn’t have four flats….

My favorite type of piano music to play is ragtime; I’ve had several simplified ragtime pieces to play through my piano books and they’re lively pieces. They’re also a challenge. To play a steady rhythm with my left hand and a bouncier rhythm with my right is difficult. But once I get it down, it’s lots of fun.

Maybe someday I’ll take lessons again. I think I would like to keep learning. I would like to learn the higher and lower notes; know them by looking at them. I would like to play some of the great classical pieces someday. Maybe even more ragtime. I would like to learn what all the chord symbols are so I can play all the hymns in our books. I think I would like to learn more. Maybe someday. Someday in the future. I’ll learn more notes . . . . .


~Jamie Terry


4 thoughts on “Piano Playing

  1. I would love to have real lessons someday… I never have. I’m mostly self taught, with Dad, Mom, Mrs. Klotzes and Gabriel’s help!! :p

    I could help you learn some – I know I could teach you the chord symbols… Those are pretty easy. I taught my sisters several before…

    I would love to just get to play a grand piano someday… 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. I could bring my one book on Wednesday and you could help me with the symbols then. I know the basics: G, GM, Gm, G7, ect with the other letters. I’m not sure on other ones though. 😀

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. I love ragtime! It’s so energetic.

    I really only play piano by ear but I’ve been working on more sight reading lately. A few days ago I finally got myself a music dictionary so now I can figure out what all the symbols mean.

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