Legoland post; number four. Or five. I can’t remember.

Here’s one of those kiddie airplane rides. Nathan liked this one.

This was the newer section to the park. It was ‘adventure’ themed.

This was a different ride. You rode through the tunnel shooting laser guns at targets to get points. The theme was Egyptian/Treasury/Explorer type theme.

Okay, talk about a ride. I had my eyes squeezed shut for half of it. Call me chicken, but I think its pretty neat I’ve gotten on that ride at least four different times now! The big drop isn’t bad; it’s all the sharp corners and turns that make me nervous. They make me feel like our car was going to go flying off the track! I closed my eyes and said “EEEK” each time we made a sharp turn. That caused me and Mom to laugh, and by the time we’re down with one round of laughter, we’re at another sharp turn.

Mom loves this ride. I think it’s her favorite. She probably would ride on it all by herself except that I make myself go on it. We rode it with Ben and Bethany together; Bethany was hanging onto me the whole time, and we squealed together. That was when I was ten and she was eight. 😀 I know I did it once when I was a bit younger and then even younger, because I remember crying. Lol. Well, now I’m a big girl. Sorta. *Grin*

These are just like the teacups at Disneyland. A spinning cublicle, on a spinning tracking, which is spinning in a wide circle. While Mom and Kayla don’t really enjoy the spinning rides, Dad and I don’t mind it a bit, and Nathan apparently didn’t either. He loved it.

I love our expressions! Nathan is having a heck of a time!

Of course, for the life of me, I can’t remember what this ride was called, but the nickname is ‘stingrays’. Basically you go in one circle and control with a steering wheel how far out you go. You can get wet, too. Lots of fun. The power you feel in the wheel when you turn it is amazing, and for a few moments I really felt like the Carmichael kids when they go on their speed boat rides on the lake. The wind in your face. The spray of water in your mouth. The sensation that you’re the one in control over your little boat. So fun!

~Jamie Joyce



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