Busy. . . .

My pictures of the month will have to wait…I just haven’t had time to take pictures yet. Hopefully I’ll have those up soon. I’ll probably be busy tomorrow. Church will be an hour away and we have to stay on the longer side for a baby shower. So. I might not have time tomorrow, depending on when we get home….

On a lighter note, I think our family is going to watch ‘North by Northwest’ tonight. It will be our second Cary Grant film. Our first Cary Grant film was also our first and only Audrey Hepburn film: “Charade”. Super good movie, especially if you like the whodunit type films. Dad bought it because he said it was on a list of ten movies that had the most twists….and, it really has some twists! And it’s hilarious. It does have a couple of scenes that we fast-forward through. But besides that it’s a great film. I hope ‘North by Northwest’ is just as good.

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Busy. . . .

  1. Over all, I loved North by Northwest. Un-needed, and gross romance but that was all. It has inspired me to make a spies and suspense film next!!! What does sharpies have to do with anything? I like the picture, BTW. -Kayla

  2. I’ve seen “North by Northwest” and to be honest, I didn’t like it at all… Probably my least favorite Cary Grant character and I’ve seen him in several things. :/

    I agree with Kayla – love the picture, just not sure what Sharpies have to do with anything…

    To the KING be all the glory!

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