Out of Africa

Our family went with Grandpa and Grandma to ‘Out of Africa’ on Saturday…actually, that was the day before the accident. Anyway, we got a lot of pictures of the tigers, bears, and other creatures there. So I wanted to do a mega post. 😀 Do not be scared. It will mostly be pictures.

Nathan looks on as the our guide gives the what's-it's-name a treat


Oh, to ride a zebra.
And incase you don't know yet, tigers are my favorite animals. Hands down.
Oh my. I know that family!
Nose Dive!

The Tiger Splash was neat, really neat.

I believe that if I didn’t have the biblical vision of being a stay-at-home wife and mother, this would the kinda job I would’ve loved to get. To work at a zoo, or a privately owned park like this, would simply be awesome. But being a Mommy is better. *Grin*


Mom's telephoto lens are awesome. I was able to zoom in so far, you can barely tell the fence is there!

Oh, to feed a tiger. But not for five bucks. *grin*

Sorry, for all you who are scared of snakes. But, come on. There’s not that much to be scared of! I went up and stroked this huge one. Didn’t even get bit. Ha!

The tiger already up there defeniately looks like he's saying "Na! I got here first!"


Me and Nathan, who appears to be tasting the wire . . .
Bear getting out; keeper backing up.

Now the bear show really put me on my heels. The people inside even admitted to it being a more dangerous show because the bears could stand up on their hind legs and walk towards with swinging paws, but apparently they weren’t in the mood the day we went…


And that is the last of it….I love animals….

~Jamie Joyce

6 thoughts on “Out of Africa

  1. You’re lucky you get to post so many pictures!!! I like looking at it. I love that last one! Who got that picture? -Kayla

  2. The last picture is a good one!

    I’ve held a snake before… actually more than one. Tyler let us hold his a few years ago. Far from being frightened by them, I love them! 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. Isn’t it rather weird to LOVE snakes? I like snakes, I’m not frightened by them and I think they’re cool looking, but loving them is rather odd . . .

    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. No, it’s NOT weird!! They are amazing! Their skin, their tongues, their venom, their rattlesnakes, their hunting procedures… I’ve grown up watching about and reading about snakes – my favorite one is the Diamond Back Rattlesnake I think! It’s beautiful!! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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