Family Tragedy…

We have had a very hectic few days to start of this week.

It all started yesterday after dinner. Grandma and Grandpa were on their way home. We were tired from church. We were thinking about watching an Alfred Hitchcock film when we got a call from Grandma….who was in the hospital. She said at 3:30 that afternoon, about the time we were coming home from church, Grandpa rolled the RV in Kingman, AZ, over four hours away from us.

It was blurry phone calls from there. We heard from Aunt Rachel, who is in Washington. Dad got back on the phone with Grandma, trying to get a hold of Grandpa, who was still at the wreck site. I dragged Nathan to the couch and stuck ‘The Aristocats’ in to keep him preoccupied. Then Grandma Dee called saying Uncle Don was trying to get a hold of Dad but didn’t have his number. By this time, Dad had gotten a hold of Grandpa and Mom had sent out the first prayer email to our church friends. Dad changed into different clothes and Mom ended up talking to Uncle Don. Grandpa didn’t want Dad to come but Dad told him that he and Mom were going up to help them anyway. Mom packed a suitcase; Kayla and I dragged out a cooler of drinks and snacks, Dad threw boxes in the back of the van to pack anything that was left over from the wreck. In about a half hour from the first call, Mom and Dad were on their way to help, leaving me in charge of the house and my two siblings.

Kayla and I ended up putting Nathan to bed and watching ‘Drums Along the Mohawk’. Super movie, by the way. It’s one of my new top favorites. Anyway, we talked to Mom twice before going to bed. We were pretty moody.

We woke up to Nathan’s voice asking, “Mom and Dad are gone, the van is gone, but the car is still here!” We got dressed, had a slow breakfast, and picked the house up. It was on and off the phone and the computer sending out email updates to our friends. I was feeling rather stressed not knowing what exactly was going or when Mom and Dad would be coming back. The day passed slowly; we did Oakley, the cat, the chickens, Clarence and Tink.

Mom and Dad are now home…and we have the story; as well as we can tell.

The lost control of the vehicle, started swerving off the road, then grandpa over-corrected himself, they swerved again, and rolled down an embankment. The whole RV basically fell apart as it rolled. It came to a stand still on its side, and people had to smash the windows to get them out.

It was quite an ordeal. Grandma’s shoulder is broken. They’re both shaken up and really need our prayers right now. At first we thought they had lost everything, but after some phone calls, we figured out that most of their clothes had been saved, and lots of the RV equipment was alright too. They still lost a lot of things and RV is completely … gone. It is a miracle that Grandpa and Grandma are still alive and together; so we are very gratefully about that.

They are now on their way home driving a U-Haul. Mom and Dad are home now. Dad is now talking to Aunt Dianne, who is with Aunt Rachel and they’re looking at a picture Dad had sent through email.
NEXT MORNING, I didn’t get a chance to post the above last night, so I am bringing it to a close now.

Grandpa and Grandma are doing okay. They’ve continued on, are in California, and are going to try to get together with Uncle Dan. That will be great if they can do that. *sigh* Us ladies are all emotional wrecks right now but we’re faring alright. . .

Please keep us all in prayer, and pray that Grandpa and Grandma get home without further incident. And below are the pictures mom and dad took after the RV had been torn apart and towed. 😀

I shall TRY to have a more lighthearted post soon….

Where They Rolled...
The Tire Tracks
BEFORE from 2009


Dad on the wreck, holding a picture of Kayla's that was undamaged.


BEFORE from 2009
The Dear White Truck . . .


The Wheel
The Only Wall Still Standing . . .
BEFORE from 2009

~Jamie Joyce

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