Something Special Today

(not mine)

Just a piece of trivia today: this is my 100th post. Woah! I’ve been writing! 😀

It’s been lots of fun doing this… Oh, here’s another trivia pieces. I started blogging December 31st, 2010. The same day I watched Star Wars for the first time!

I didn’t have much idea of what I wanted to do for my 100th post. Except that maybe I should mention some things I have learned to love, have continued to love, accomplished or had lots of fun with since I started blogging


(not mine)

I started wearing makeup on the weekends!

I started taking care of another dog.

(not mine and yes I had to trim Han out or you would be looking at him not Chewie!)

I figured out that wookies are super and that I wish I had one.

(not mine)

I made my first blogging friend; she lives in Oregon and we both love soundtracks!

(not mine)

I’ve enjoyed reading my Bible more.

(not mine but it's awesome)

I enjoy Star Wars three times more than I ever thought I would.

(not mine)

I read some really old books from way back when and I still love them

(not mine)

I checked out my first book on filmmaking.

(not mine)

I saw Beauty and the Beast again after about thirteen years…

(not mine)

I saw Finding Nemo again after about six years or so? . . .

(not mine)

I decided that I enjoyed some contemporary music.

I decided that I did have a favorite band . . .

(not mine)

I saw my first Miss Marple film.

Hercule Poirot definitely deserves a re watch!


Captain Hastings and Miss Lemon
Chief Inspector Japp

I like Captain Hastings and Chief Inspector Japp almost more than Poirot.

(not mine)

That I still love Holmes, even if no one else does…

(not mine)

I decided that Basil Rathbone was my favorite actor: he had an interesting, different life with Providence moving in it more times than one!

(not mine)

I learned that Errol Flynn was extremely awesome in the films and terrible in real life.

(not mine)

Lots of fun finding fun pictures.

We got chickens!

(not mine)

I finished three different cross stitching projects.

(not mine)

I went to one craft show and bought jewelry there.

(not mine)

I went to one gun show; didn’t buy anything but everyone was wondering if the gun I was carrying was for sale!

(not mine)

I went to a quilt showing!

(not mine)

I got to buy chocolate at a more steadier rate…

I helped two families from church move.

(not mine)

And, last but not least, I really enjoy blogging!

I can’t wait till my 200th post! *grin*

EDIT: I forgot to add this one: I’m nuts over the two concepts in here! 😀


(not mine)

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Something Special Today

  1. You made my day! I’m so blessed to “know” you!

    Do you mind if I steal this idea for my 100th post? I’ve still got a ways to go though. *sighs*

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