Silly Sisters….

Okay! We were only fourteen and twelve . . .

I realized I hadn’t done a ‘sister’ post in a while. This one has some classic shots..once again;! none of these pictures were posed. They were all taken from a long video clip Kayla had taken. This is the authentic ‘Kayla and I’ . . . from two years ago!

The story behind these shots is this. Kayla was trying to do this ‘spy’ show. I kept showing up behind her looking all serious, cool and stuck-up. . . . yeah, doesn’t sound  like me, but when I’m in a really silly mood, I’ll sometimes do that . . . I also made up the captions below. They’re not really things we said in the video. 😀

"Ghastly things, those band-aids. Give me the shivers, they do."


"Sometimes you run into people who are just nuts. You might even be related to 'em!"


"Ah, she's here to tell us about how to make sub sandwhiches!"


"Sometimes you just have to throw out old coffee."


"Har, har, har!"


"Hair accessories! YIKES!"


"Time to get serious, folks."



"Don't worry, guys. She make look scary, but I got her wrapped around me finger!"



"Oh, why don't you stop annoying people!" Okay, I didn't make that line up. 😀



"Gotta live with 'em."


"What bugs me is when my socks start itchin'!"


"What do you mean that's a clue? It's in spanish!"

So, we were really silly. We still are. And we have lots of fun! I love you, Kayla!


*Gasp* "I just found twenty dollars!"

~Jamie Joyce


2 thoughts on “Silly Sisters….

  1. Though they weren’t real, the captions are hilarious! The pictures are funny too. Such funny memories. Hey, I was trying to do a cool spy show, wasn’t I? Now that I think about it, it wasn’t maybe so funny at the moment, because you just never left me alone! How annoying that was. LoL!

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