Knights, Dragons, Castles . . .

Time for another Legoland post. 😀

The forest animals were by the golf course. 😀

These are adorable. Mother duck and ducklings!

This guy, for whatever the reason, is something of a comfort to me. Like some people have ‘comfort food’. This guy, and many other of the old lego creations, give me little pieces of comfort. They remind me of the fun, innocent times I used to have when I had been a little girl. That might sound odd, but it’s true. I feel better seeing him sitting there snoring. I remember when I didn’t have so much ‘adult concepts’ flying around in my head . . .

Cat on the witch’s back. The witch herself is ugly, so I didn’t include her in the picture. 😀

We all had fun racing about in the huge, medieval them jungle gym. That has special memories too. I remember when I was two heads shorter than I am now, racing through that thing with Ben, Bethany and Kayla . . . when I actually could fit through the tubes and special ladders!

Nathan loved it!

I remember when I could fit on this ride! You sit on your jousting horse and go riding down the track. The horses pulse up and down in a cantering motion, so it’s not like you’re riding down a smooth track. Lot’s of fun just getting to sit and seep in the music, the sounds, the sights . . . ahh, to be a kid again! Lol

This is the sign above the entrance for my favorite roller coaster. Of corse, it’s the most awesome ride in the park, so you can’t take pictures! Arg! Drives me nuts!

Anyway, you go inside the castle to wait in line. The roller coaster has a dragon head at the front and tail at the end. It runs through the castle, passing castle scenes made out of legos. You pass two guards. Then a servants/kitchen room, with dishes being washing, servants squawking at each other, ect. The next room has nobility eating around the table, some one shooting arrows, people sword fighting. The next room you glide through has a wizard at a table amongst bottles and books…ick. The last room holds a giant, moving, lego dragon glaring at you, moving its head, hissing; the whole nine yards! So, so cool! On the other side is a little dragon surrounded by treasure. You pass into a tunnel–the dragon’s tail is sticking overhead through the wall; bats hanging over head. A light turns on over head and there stands the wizard holding his wand, the doors open, and the coaster rolls outside onto the ride. You go up, over the hump, and it’s twists and turns from there! Absolutely the neatest ride there!

"Has anyone seen my bad damsel in distress?"

The medieval part of the park is probably my favorite section!

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “Knights, Dragons, Castles . . .

  1. Your lucky you can do so many pictures!!! Fun! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the snoring guard!
    I love the medieval section too.

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