The Gun Show

We went to the gun show last Saturday. Me, Kayla, Nathan, Dad and Grandpa.

It was inside the Cardinals’ football field. That was neat. We got through the whole thing too. Bought ammunition. Hats. Knives. Holsters. . . . . Guns.

We saw a lot of hilarious shirts, too. There was one that said, “My dog is smarter then your president’. A lot of conservative jokes. They’re one of my favorite things from these shows. 😀

We got two stainless steal guns, and after we bought them, everyone else kepting asking if they were for sale. It got a little annoying *laugh*. I carried the one rifle around almost the whole time. It even matched me because it was a dark color, and I was wearing a black skirt and my black Star Wars shirt *grin*. When it got later in the day, I ended up carrying it propped on my hip, and more then a couple guys stopped in front of me and put their hands up before moving on. Twas rather embarrassing but funny at the same time. But, give my arms a break! I needed my hip to do the work for a little while.

We had a fun time. Kayla bought herself a switchblade and two holsters for it. Also a hat. Also a sign. Also a John Wayne picture. Lots of fun things.

Nathan got a rubber band gun that had a scope on it. He was so excited.

I didn’t buy anything, but I enjoyed getting some time with Grandpa and Daddy. That was wonderful. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


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