Pirates and Sailors

Alrighty, we move on into the park. It has really grown since our last visits years ago. They added an entire pirate section right by ‘Skipper School’ and filled in some empty space with a golf course (it totally figures that you have to pay to use the course, but at least our family isn’t really interest in golfing!). There are lots of new sights to see in this new area…

If you remember the last pictures you saw of the legoland, they were of Dad and Nathan on an airplane ride. Well, this thing was right by the ride.

The pirate lego creations are really swell, too!

Stop a moment and really LOOK at this picture above. Look at the normal lego pieces they used. The carrot up above has a bush for it’s green leaves! The red eye of the fish is one of those clear lights! It’s amazing when you really look!

This guy is an old friend. He sits just outside the Skipper School ride.

Kayla took lots of video.

Skipper School

It’s basically a fun boat ride. You push the pedal and steer and everything. Basically you go through a small course to get back to the landing. It was funny, because Kayla and I rode together and we both wanted to steer. Then we both would be taking video and pictures, and neither of us would be steering! I would look up from snapping a couple pictures, and our boat would be headed straight for the maze wall!

These guys were actually moving their arms or a leg, like they were playing a song! The tune that was playing from a hidden speaker got stuck in Kayla’s head and she played it on the harmonica after we left for home!

A fat sailor hanging above them.

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “Pirates and Sailors

  1. I love the pirate/sailor theme. The music was great! Remember how that one tune got stuck in my head? tee-hee!
    Skipper School is my favorite driving ride! Great!

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