I . . .

Just something I thought I would post. *Grin*


I am: a ordinary girl with extraordinary book plots.

I know: how to bathe big dogs (there’s trivia for ya!).

I want: a couple milk goats to call my own.

I have: a beautiful family, a wonderful church and great friends!

I wish: that I could catch a glimpse into my future!

I hate: magic (and before  you say, ‘what about good magic’; there is no good magic. All magic and any magic is wrong. End of story).

I miss: my cousins, and the H family (whom I haven’t seen most of for nearly two weeks).

I fear: my chocolate is nearly gone.

I feel: hopeful for the future

I hear: the baby chicks chirping

I smell: the chicks…not much else.

I crave: stuff that will make me as fat as Jupiter (like fried chicken, rich desserts and buttery morsels).

I search: through my junk to find lost things.

I wonder: who my future husband is.

I regret: my misspent past.

I love: my family, my writing, the dogs, my church family, the Lord.

I ache: for those who are hurting.

I care: for Mrs. T and the dogs.

I always: make my friends laugh (and some hiccup because they were laughing so much).

I am not: very organized.

I believe: in God’s Holy Word.

I dance: to whatever strikes my fancy, really. But only in private.

I sing: when I know the words.

I cry: at the end of Beauty and the Beast–even when I just hear the music.

I don’t always: act nutty.

I fight: for those who are unjustly spoken of (I can’t help but think of poor C-3PO).

I write: cheesy stories, but I’m told they’re starting to turn good.

I never: read Jane Austin novels.

I listen: to film scores of all types.

I need: a break from washing dishes. *giggle*

I can usually be found: by my computer, in the living room reading, or the kitchen cooking.

I win: sometimes.

I lose: sometimes.

I confuse: myself all the time (and probably those who stand next to me).

I am happy about: having the chicks for eggs!

I imagine: my future life.


Credit to the girl who made up this tag (I don’t know who she is, but whoever she is, great job!)

~Jamie Joyce


2 thoughts on “I . . .

  1. Just because I’m tired and I feel like it…

    I am: a writer.

    I know: how to (mostly) run a house.

    I want: to become more efficient.

    I have: lots of books.

    I wish: I were a better pianist.

    I hate: that which is evil.

    I miss: The H family, the T family, the M family… that’s all I’ll name for now. 😀

    I fear: change – but I’m working on changing that!

    I feel: very tired right now… it’s been a long day.

    I hear: the dog snoring…

    I smell: nothing, actually.

    I crave: more time, memorizing God’s Word.

    I search: to know the ways of the LORD.

    I wonder: if everyone will get well, and if Saturday will go as planned.

    I regret: that I haven’t worked as hard as I could have.

    I love: my family and my church family.

    I ache: for the people of Japan.

    I care: for those that I love…

    I always: have a song running through my head… or almost anyway!

    I am not: as outgoing as I would like to be.

    I believe: in the LORD God Almighty!

    I dance: the Irish Step-dance… need to get back to that!

    I sing: all the time!!

    I cry: when I’m really tired…

    I don’t always: finish what I want to finish.

    I fight: for what I believe to be the truth.

    I write: all the time… never seem to stop! :p

    I never: like to use never.

    I listen: to lots of people all the time.

    I need: to go to bed.

    I can usually be found: at home.

    I win: often.

    I lose: sometimes.

    I confuse: people who know me… sometimes.

    I am happy about: the LORD’s promises.

    I imagine: what my book characters must be wanting me to write next!! 😀

    Goodnight, Jamie… I really am going to bed now. :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

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