My first legoland post! Yay! Above is the map of the place. I’ll be taking you through the park the way we went. So. Here we go.

We cut through Mini Land to avoid the little kid rides that were probably busy, as they were right by the gate and the first crowd had just come. So we went around them through mini land. I snapped a few pictures.

We passed over a bridge that was guarded by three lions and a kitten. 😀 The builders at Legoland have a keen sense of humor.

Here is the kitten, held by a little lego boy. There were speakers somewhere and the lions would roar and kitten would meow. 😀

This section of the map is where we cut to. To the extreme right of the picture you can see the edge of the bridge.

Dad and Nathan on helicopters. They turned left and right and went up and down. 😀

There was a telephone booth with a lego phone set inside! It doesn’t work, but it looks cool!

Another helicopter ride!

~Jamie Joyce


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