Grandparents are Here

Our grandparents are here for a visit; we are thankful they got here safely. We also were glad to here that Grandpa’s knee is doing so much better then last year. Praise the Lord!

We went out to eat with them on Thursday for pizza and got caught up with news back in Washington. Yesterday we had fish here at home and we all watched Secretariat together. Mom and I had seen it in the theaters and Grandpa and Grandma had also seen it. But since Kayla and Dad hadn’t seen it and since Grandpa liked the movie a lot, we watched it again.

They also brought us a few presents. Nathan received two nice large cars, Kayla got some books and I got some yarn. Both Kayla and I received the largest box of chocolates either of us had ever been given. Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma!

Today, Mom and I will be going to a craft show with Grandma. I like to go to see the sights and pick up the candy that’s always sitting out *grin*. 😀

Also, we’re picking up our chicks tomorrow! We seen pictures of them–they’re SO cute! We also prepared a newspapered lined box with a feeder and water jug. I’m very excited! I’ll post pictures of them soon!

~Jamie Joyce


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