The Patton Museum

I’ll post about the Patton Musuem first, because I think we saw it first before we saw the Dinosaurs. So, as intro, this is my first post about our vacation.

It was a small museum, but there was lots of neat things to look at. They had a small jeep inside, along with lots of dummies, cases, and pictures hanging on the walls. Nathan was in heaven.

Me posing beside a dummy. I can be rather silly when I want to be.

After going through the museum, I wanted to watch the movie ‘Patton’ again; even if there was swearing in nearly every other line. But hey, swearing is in lots of John Wayne films! *cough* Our friends can be glad Kayla and I don’t walk around talking like the movies we watch . . . . (that was for those of our friends who like to pretend to be ‘high ladies of society’. *shakes head* It’s what happens when you’re drowned in a bunch of movies set in such an era. *wink wink* I love you, guys!)

Outside the museum there was a bunch of tanks too! So, so fun to stand next to!

We had to convince Nathan to do that. He said, “No! It might go off when I do!” We convinced him that the tank was not loaded (I had to put my hand up first) and then he did it.

Here is the highlight; the cat. Kayla and I trailed it around a couple of tanks calling it and making clucking noises. We both thought it looked just like my fictional cat Muffin. It finally gave in to our coaxing and was soon rubbing against our legs and meowing. It was SO SOFT! I couldn’t believe how soft it was!

Yes, we dared to pick it up and it didn’t mind that much. It was so cute and soft and Kayla kept saying, “It’s just like Muffin!”  We then headed back for the building to wash our hands and use the restrooms before we left; it followed us almost up to the door! Kayla and I were sorry to leave it behind. 😀

~Jamie Joyce

2 thoughts on “The Patton Museum

  1. Awww! That kitty was so cute! I was the first to get near him I don’t mind saying. It was so like the cat from Jamie’s book, it was crazy!
    The museum was cool and I liked the tanks. Nathan was having lots of fun seeing all the army stuff!

  2. I love museums! Especially history museums!! Can you take me next time?! :p

    I’ll try to e-mail you tonight… and yes, I’ve got another chapter for you. 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

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