I’m Back

This week my family and I went all the way to California. We went because we had four free Legoland tickets (we only had to buy a child’s ticket for Nathan)!

We drove up Wednesday, visiting the Patton Museum on the way (the highlight for Kayla and I at this small war museum was seeing a young, blue cat under a tank; the cat looked just like my cat star Muffin, from my book, so we were excited. Kayla kept saying, “It’s just like Muffin!” ).

Once at California, we visited the beach (I had dressed myself in my swimsuit that morning, so I didn’t even need to change when we reached the beach). Mom took lots of photos with her new lenses, Kayla found three hermit crabs out in the waves, Dad and  Nathan stood out in the water (Nathan wasn’t a bit afraid of the waves and wallowed about in the water) and I drew sentimental sayings about me and Prince Courage in the sand.

After the beach, we cleaned up at our hotel and I managed to check up on my computer (I did read you email, Rebekah, I just didn’t get to responding!). We went out to eat at a nice fish place (who’s name I remember, but can’t spell) and then we went on some brief shopping at the Seaport. Kayla bought a John Wayne cup and Daddy bought us all candy.

When we got back to the hotel, we put Nathan to bed and us ladies sat on the couch and watched the Food Network. We saw an old episode of ‘Chopped’; which is really over dramatic and we had seen it once already. We also saw a Bobby Flay Throw Down over vegetable lasagna, and ‘Resturaunt Impossible’. We didn’t get to bed till 11:00; midnight here in AZ.

Thursday we went to Legoland.

To Aunt Linda: I took a ton of pictures of all the lego built people and creatures and the many different things. I kept thinking as we went around the park; “Oh, I need to get a picture of that! Aunt Linda will love seeing that! *snap* Oh, I need to get that too! *snap* Oh, Aunt Linda will think that is so cute! *snap*” So, I have a ton of lego pictures for you, Aunt Linda!

We got to ride a lot of the newer rides there; my favorite is a roller coaster called ‘The Dragon’ in the medieval section; we must have ridden that about six times. It has been my favorite ride ever since we started going to Legoland; I have been coming to Legoland all my life; considering I only went to Disneyland about three times in my entire life, I have been to Legoland four times as much as that. We finished off the day at The Big Shop; Dad bought Nathan lots of Lego pieces. Kayla and I each bought T-Shirts; Lego/Star Wars T-Shirts, to be exact. Kayla (who likes to do surprises and give gifts a lot) bought me a Lego “Princess Leia” key chain (she got herself a C-3PO key chain).

We left Legoland at about 5:30. We got dinner at Jack-In-A-Box and drove home. It was a long drive, and very uncomfortable; Nathan drifted off to sleep almost once he was done with with his Breakfast Jack. We stopped several times to streatch our legs; Dad bought us ice cream at a lonely little gas station in the middle of no where in California. We got home at 1:20 AM; I didn’t get to bed till 1:40. I didn’t awaken this morning till 9:30; and by the time we were done eating breakfast together, we had to go do Oakley.

So, as you can just tell from my recap of the past two days, we have been very busy. Since I have just given you the summary of the trip, I will try as soon as possible to post pictures in the order of how the happened; meaning you will see pictures of the Patton Museum and the cat. Then the beach. There will probably be several different Legoland picture posts too.

I need to go now. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Sounds like you had fun! I’ve never been to Legoland myself… Are the rides really made of legos?!

    I’m looking forward to the pictures – just don’t post them all at once – spread them out a bit – then I’ll have time to comment on more of them! 😀

    Glad to know that you got my e-mail – I was a-wonderin’! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. Can’t wait to see the pictures. And I can’t wait to post my own. I second R’s idea to spread out the pictures!

  3. ^*cough* LOL, no, the rides are NOT made out of legos. They are made out of appropriate material. You will have to wait for the pictures to get a nice sense of the place. 😀

    I was planning on spreading them out. I will probably have different posts on us on the rides, then the rides, other…


    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. Jamie Joyce!!, thank you for the special note and thoughtfulness of me at Legoland!!

    Love, Aunt Linda

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