The Bricks Are Done

We finished stacking all the bricks today.

I used Nathan to show perspective.

And I sat Nathan beside the nine bricks that we got out of the cement. Not many, but it made a separate pile. So, we are done with the bricks, at last!

~Jamie Jamie


10 thoughts on “The Bricks Are Done

  1. WOW! I love the pictures. 3-7 Pictures 4 and 5 are die for good! Nice to have a post in honor of our labors!

  2. “Careful, You May End Up in My Novel” – I thought you usually didn’t base your characters after real people?! I know I’m not in any of your novels… 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. ^ You don’t really know most of the real people Jamie has based characters after. Of course you know me, well sortta anyway, rather you know of me, and then there’s Zak and Betty, and Mrs. Carmicheal and Mr. Carmicheal and… oh, sorry Jamie, I didn’t mean to answer for you. Never mind R, Jamie will answer you I’m sure.

  4. LOL, Kayla is so enthusiastic. Well, sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t. Actually, Kayla, she knows Gabe (of course) who is part of the inspiration for Zak. The new ‘Muffin’ version of Zak, though.

    No, I’ve not based any after you, Rebekah. The only character like you is Jane, and she isn’t that much like you either. Just in attitude, I suppose. But, true, she wasn’t based after you.

    I made up Jane about three years ago. She had a pesky younger brother named Duke Kelly, and she was always seen with the delicate Lisa and snob Tiffany. And they eventually gave up being shopping freaks and joined Jenny in becoming serious ‘Tigress’ crime fighters. *COUGH* Awkward to talk about, to say the least. Ho-hum. This is what I meant when I said, “Delete!” I think Jane was ever the only serious crime fighter though. Lisa was still too ‘up on her toes’ and Tiffany was too ‘Oh, my land sakes, ROCKY!’. *laugh* I remember those three biddies fondly.

    Of course, they are now dimmed down versions of what they used to be in ‘Muffin’; so, if you think Tiffany is terrible in that book. . . . you should read my first versions of that big sister. . . which you can’t, because you’re public…. ;P

    Wow, this could be a whole new blog post, but then, you and your sisters would be the only ones to get it. . . .

    Maybe after ‘Muffin’ is published, I suppose.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  5. lol Oh yes, I know Gabe and both of you and your Dad and Pastor Hudelson… Somehow Kayla seems to think that I simply attend our church and don’t get to know anyone… :p

    I’d rather be like Jane than any of the others… I wouldn’t want to be Tiffany… I wouldn’t even want Rocky to be my brother – he’s likable enough and all, but I would rather have Duke or Carl or Jess (Travis would be the death of me! :p) or one of the Carmichael young men… *Awaits my punishment for such a statement*

    So Kayla… how far have you gotten in “Grandmother’s Letters”?! Or are bored with that one now too?? 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  6. I am bored of Grandmother’s Letters… I’m sorry to break the news. If I can find the document again out of my computer I shall perhaps skip ahead to see if anything exciting happens….

    Who is my Dad based upon in J’s books!? And you don’t know Zak’s inspiration, or Betty’s, or the fellow for Rip and all, though I admit you do know many others…

  7. I’m beginning to think that nothing short of crazy comedy or wild action will suit you Kayla!

    Isn’t Pastor Carmichael partly based after him? That’s what Jamie said before… Part of Zak’s inspiration was Gabe and I do too know him. No, I don’t know your cousin though – or your other cousin whom Betty is based after… And isn’t Rip based after you??

    To the KING be all the glory!

  8. Detectives…. Silly Twins…. Knives, Guns….. Action…. Westerns…..Give me Jamie’s style of writing! (I’m sure millions of people like your style too.)
    I thought Rip was half after me.

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