Kayla and I


Sometimes Kayla and I can really get going when we talk over our computers instead of face to face…for those of you who didn’t see this line of comments from my post ’30 Things . . .’, these are our comments as we bantered back and forth.

Complete sister talk.

Enjoy if you  haven’t read it already;


I soo love your books. And #30 just may come true if my dream of film making does…

#27… there is not anything stupid in that book! And Katie is not inmature- she is silly! And you must get that one published, it just needs a tiny winsy little editing.

#22 I soo concur. Maybe some day I will make a software to give those ladies some more threads.
#21 I am not lucky with my dreams! Sometimes I have horrible ones and you seem to never get awful dreams!
#8 I like all you animals except I’m not so crazy about horses. And I would add I love Cougars. (The Carmicheal type too!)
#7 You do too play well! (I think anyway)
#19 you’ve got to let me see those books, I won’t tease!!!!


Thank you Kayla. I should give you an award for being my number one fan.

For you number 30: how wonderful, I already have a filmmaker wanting to film my books….actually, if they all were made into movies, I would be kinda embarresed…queen of comedy, that’s what I’d be to everyone who knows me. I’d never here the end of it!
To your #27: That book would not make any sense if it was published, because it would need the gigantic introduction of the rest of the series, which is a completion of six other books…(which, by the way, are all finished first drafts!)
Your 22: Good idea. I still wouldn’t want to watch them, though. World view issues. World view issues. Romance. Romance. Run-away. Run-away. . . .
Your 21: Maybe your awful dreams wouldn’t be awful to me…
Your 8: no one knows what you mean by the Carmichael type cougar. (sorry, everyone, she’s slipping into my first version of the Carmichael kids when they called themselves ‘the Cougars’ before they joined ‘the Tigers’.)
Your 7: You’re so sweet.
Your number 19: Forget it.


Queen of comedy is a good title!
True about #27…
True again about #22 (but my husband could at least watch them with me and we could critisize them together, ha!)
True yet again to #21
#8, HA, I love slipping mickeys to you Jamie, when know one else understands!
#19 NO, NO, I can not forget! You must, you must, wa! WA!… ahem… excuse me you innocent by-standers… now Jamie….


1. Well, thanks a lot

2. Well, yes it’s true. I should know. I wrote all seven books, didn’t I?!?!?! *grins*
3. Wouldn’t you two have more fun watching something you would actually enjoy, like, per say, a John Wayne film or maybe Poirot?
4. I’m so true! *giggle*
5. Isn’t she so inconsiderate? *wink*
6. Good grief! She’s throwing a verbal tantrum on my blog! I’ll be lasared! Help, help! Little sister attack! Red alert! Abandon ship! Every woman for herself! EEEEK! *runs away screaming* . . . . . .


Ahha… she’s gone! I get this whole blog to myself! Mawhahaha!




Ahhh! She’s back! Retreat!!!!! *runs away*


Wow, that was easy!

Okay, now, to anyone who has not commented already (not talking to you, Kayla) feel free to join in now! I’m going to tie that little missy were she can’t reach her mouse pad and keyboard….. *in deeper voice* A big sister’s job is never done. *leaves sounding like Darth Vadar* “Fe! Fi! Foe! Fum! To little sissy do I come!”



~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “Kayla and I

  1. That girl standing in white looks exactly like a painted ‘R’, I think.
    The comments we did were so silly. They make extra sense though if you read them on the post they came from.

  2. *cough* Do you REALLY want to sound like Darth Vader?? Come on Kayla, Princess Leia wasn’t afraid of Darth Vader, why should you be afraid of Jamie? She can’t be THAT much more frightening!! :p

    ^I’ll take that as a compliment, Kayla. 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. ^^ To tell the truth, Jamie told me to write *scream*… ha, ha! Just goes to show the big sis/ little sis, side of it! And besides, I don’t know what you do to your little sisters, but…. I know what Jamie does to me!

    And yes, R, that was a total compliment.

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