Bring on the Change!

Yep. We’re pulling up the brick border in our backyard. We’re cutting down the bushes.

And in their place will be raised garden beds and chickens!

Pictures, please?

Who is doing the work? Me and Kayla. Yep. We got the muscles.

Some of you reading this have known us and our backyard for a long, long time, so this is probably startling. But don’t worry; we’ll be getting eggs from those chickens (which by the way, we are planning on getting them as chicks maybe by next month). And hopefully we’ll get vegetables from the gardens.

Kayla and I pulled all the brick Monday; Kayla got under with a crowbar and I helped leverage them out with a shovel ( I also helped lift them out trench and flip them over). Thankfully, we had had a nice rain shower Sunday, so the ground was soft for the crowbar. Didn’t make the bricks any lighter. They are heavy, especially because they are still stuck in their cement. Mom took these pictures too, and she said she was surprised how fast we got them out.

The start of our pile. There’s tons more now; I just need to take some more pictures.

Our encourager. He was pretty impressed as we lifted out whole yards of brick stuck together. “Wow! Good job! You guys are doing great! You guys are doing a good job! Wow! You guys are doing great! Wow!”

I convinced Kayla that we could get all done in one day, so after dinner we went back out and ripped the rest out. After pulling out large chunks, we bang the crowbar down on the bricks and they would break apart.

The growing pile of bricks. I finally got smart today, and used the wheelbarrow to transport the bricks to the pile. *rolls eyes*

Bushes trimmed down. As you can see with the bushes gone and bricks up, our yard will extend even more!

Today, Kayla and I broke up more brick, put more on the pile and tried to chip cement from the brick. I piled the cut bushes behind the trailer, and I raked up the loose leaves. All that will be left to do before Sunday (church at our house) is to finish piling the bricks.

~Jamie Joyce


9 thoughts on “Bring on the Change!

  1. Good job, girls! Keep it up!

    We did yard work yesterday too… but we pulled about 10 pounds of weeds, not bricks! :p (And no, I’m not exagerrating too much… there were a TON of weeds… they were there when we moved in. 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. Well, be sure to know that the weeds were probably much easier to handle then brick/cement stuck together! We’ve got our work cut out for us–and it will not be light sweat. But I’m excited about it, anyway. Because once we’re done we’ll get the chicks.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Oh good. You know I must start getting on you about emailing Jamie. You see, you don’t email her, so then she comes to me as if I was keeping you from doing so. So if you email, Jamie is happy, which makes me happy and there you are! 😀 (tee-hee of course your probably busy)

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