Time to Talk Music

I haven’t really talked about music that much on my blog yet. It’s about time though, because music is a part of me.

I’ve loved music ever since I can remember. I grew up on classical music (for the longest time, it was my inspiration for my stories until the beautiful world of soundtracks was revealed). Mom always played classical music when we were younger (now its musical soundtracks!). My first CD (that I can remember) was a CD of classical music given to me from my first piano teacher…I listened to it over and over until it became so scratched that we eventually threw it out years later. The tracks actually got stuck and it was just really trashed. It lasted a long time though. *grin*

I loved soundtracks before I knew there was CD’s of movie music. The score that stayed with me the longest was The Prince of Egypt, which I saw a few times after it came out–I was about seven, maybe a bit younger. Our book and tape of the story was my treasure, and during quiet times, I would fast-forward and re-wind to listen to the different songs. I remember standing up on my bunk bed and singing out my heart with ‘When You Believe’ ‘Through Heaven’s Eyes’ and “All I Ever Wanted’.

One of the scores that have kept my heart captured, though, is ‘Ben-Hur’. When we first saw the movie, I was taken by the music. It helped the story in so many ways. The themes were powerful and breathtaking. The roman trumpet things make you feel as though you could march on forever and ever and not get tired. The slave galley theme made the muscles in my shoulders taught and stiff, as though I were the one pulling the oars and feeling the stress. The theme for Christ radiated peace, a theme of the film that Ben-Hur himself would discover; that Christ’s forgiveness is stronger than angry thoughts of revenge. ‘Ben-Hur’ remains to be one of my favorite scores and films to this very day….

It was my sixteenth birthday when I checked out my first soundtrack…I still haven’t had my fill of them. I decided to post a few of my favorite scores below (sorry, I won’t be able to remember many of the composers, but if you’re really interested, I’ll probably be able to find out on the library website. 😀 )

So, here are my favorite soundtracks, not really in order. Oh, the stars at the beginning mean I have actually seen the film…

*Ben-Hur; Tale of the Christ (favorite, see above for more. :D)

How To Train Your Dragon (latest favorite; finally had to listen to it because my friends couldn’t stop raving about it. It is good.)

Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas (Awesome soundtrack. Really adventurous and energetic)

*The Prince of Egypt (mesmerizing score and songs…)

A Beautiful Mind (peaceful music that makes me think of rain running down your car window, a breeze flying over rolling green hills, or simply something to make my mouth drop open. Sorry, maybe that sounds dramatic, but that’s what it is to me.)

Gladiator (has been a favorite since I first heard it, and has actually helped with the needed inspiration for my book.)

Kingdom of Heaven (another one of those inspiration soundtracks for my writing)

Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe (and another inspiration soundtrack. Seriously)

*Star Wars (Everyone should just know that John Williams writes great music; Star Wars’ dramatic, adventurous, and heroic sounding score raised my spirits even before I ever cast an eye on Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vadar, R2 D2, Chewbacca or the Death Star…..)

*Beauty and the Beast (I haven’t seen the film in ages–I did get permission to borrow it from the library to re watch–but I love the music, just because it brings back faint memories from a well-loved childhood film)

*101 Dalmatians (This music is hard to explain because it’s so…bouncy. Jumpy. It’s not your typical orchestra score. It has the feeling of a millions puppies bouncing about. Of corse, that’s what the movie is about, so that’s a good thing. I hadn’t seen 101 Dalmatians in ages too..but as soon as I put in the cd, all I could say was, “I remember! I remember! I remember!”)

*Bambi (Love, love. Great memories, great score, great songs. I still love to sing ‘Little April Showers)

*Friday at Noon (The score for this one is definitely one of my favorites.  The score is . . . . amazing; seriously. It has a . . . –help me out, Rebekah–. . . a mysterious, tensional, and beautiful flair to it that I simply love. At some points it’s breathtaking and other times is heart-racing, especially at the movie’s climax. In my humble opinion, I think it’s a score worth being mentioned among the works of those great composers like Hans Zimmer (Prince of Egypt, Gladiator), John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon), John Williams (Star Wars) and Miklos Rosza (Ben-Hur). You did an awesome job, Gabe!)

I still have more soundtracks to listen too: right now, I’m listening to ‘Mulan II’, a Disney film I have not seen (score is interesting though). Also sitting on my desk is ‘Tangled’ ‘Jonah’ ‘Nanny McPhee Returns’ ‘Star Wars’ ‘Bolt’ and ‘The Music’ which is the music from the Creation Museum. The ones I’ve actually gotten to is Jonah…so yeah, I have some music to listen to. Maybe I should do that now instead of blogging about how I should. Yeah. That’s a really, really, really good idea.


Headphones, here I come!

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “Time to Talk Music

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard many of the ones ^^up there.
    I’ve found enless it’s really good I’d rather listen to songs that have words. I really like the Pirates of the Carribean soundtracks though.

  2. Ah, I see….I like musicals, too……’Sisters. Sisters. Never were there such devoted sisters.’ ‘Territory folks to should stick together, territory folks should all be pals. Cowboys dance with the farmer’s daughters; Farmers dance with the rancher’s gals.” ‘We in trouble folks. We’re in terrible, terrible trouble! That game with the fifteen number balls is devil’s tool! We’re in trouble, trouble, trouble . . . ‘ Yeah! I love musicals too! ‘God would want us to be joyful even though our hearts lie panting on the floor. How much more can we be joyful when there’s really something to be joyful for!’

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. HA, ha, ha! Fiddler on the Roof is nice but I don’t really like the movie too much….-
    I mean not right now. I’m really wanting to see White Christmas since we missed it this past year.. ‘..SNOW! SNOW! SNOW SNOW! ‘…(tee-hee)

  4. Goodness! I wish I could get access to more soundtracks!! I haven’t heard half of those!

    Love “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Prince of Egypt” is REALLY good, “A Beautiful Mind” is beautiful, most of the time (sorry!), I want to hear “Star Wars” without the movie, but I do like it in the film, uh… not sure I ever paid a whole lot of attention to Bambi’s except the rain song… The “Friday at Noon” soundtrack is mysterious and powerful, but cheerful and lighthearted, depending on the mood of the scene. It’s also catchy (I get it stuck in my head for days at a time!). It’s definitely a good one, though I think he’ll be writing even better soon! I wish I could listen to it on a CD and not just the movie… 😀

    Off to bed… I’m exhausted! I’ll try to e-mail you tomorrow, if I can. (Don’t faint when it reaches your inbox! :p)

    To the KING be all the glory!

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