This is our second day with Oakly—he’s a dream to be with. He is super good. He doesn’t bark at any of us (even the neighbors’ other dog, Berlin, has gotten used to us coming into the house). He loves to chase Kayla and Nathan in the grass. He likes to run and jump on my lap. And so far, he’s only made one mess in house. He’s so warm and soft. His only problem is that when we put him back in his cage and lock the front door, he’ll start crying. It’s so cute and heartbreaking to listen too! Can you tell that I love him already?!?!?!

Yesterday was fun. Our family played really old video games (Dig Dug, Miss Pac Man, Mappy, Rally X and other) and had banana splits. Dad had ordered Pro Flowers for Mommy this year, and we got those yesterday, too (Rush Limbaugh advertises Pro Flowers as well).

I’m a day behind in the Bible Challange…didn’t get to it yesterday and I still need to do it today. Luckily, I had caught up on Saturday and Sunday’s assingments (I hadn’t done it on Saturday either because it had been a moving day and we all ended up watching two Charlie Chan movies). So, I still need to do my Bible reading. Other then that, I’m still persevering.

I’m looking forward to a week with Oakly. Also looking forward to evening with the H’s and M’s on Thursday. Church will be at our house this Sunday as well. Whoopee! No long drive this week! *cheers madly*

~Jamie Joyce

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