This Week’s Assignment

Here is this week’s new dog assignment; Oakly. Isn’t he ADORABLE?!?!?

He’s a young puppy whom the next door neighbor’s have just gotten. This week, Kayla and I will be going over to their house three times a day to take him outside and play with him. Both Mr and Mrs work during the day, and they didn’t want Oakly’s first week at his new home to be lonely. So, from today to Friday, we’ll get to spend time with this cute little puppy (plus walking Clarence and Tink this week too!)

He’s an utter doll. He’s very mellow and calm, and when he gets frisky, it’s normally just some really hard tail wagging. His father is a pit bull; mother is an English bull-dog, so he’ll be on the bigger side when he’s all grown up. I’m not sure how old he is, but he’s pretty young. He’s got the prettiest markings, the softest fur and the sweetest face.

He’s just a little handful at ten pounds. So adorable, and I am really looking forward to this whole week with him.

Oakly and Patience have already met, too. Kayla held Patience, and I held Oakly. Oakly sniffed her and she sniffed him back, but she wasn’t very happy. When we let him go free in the backyard, Patience moved from the wagon to the chairs, staring at him. She hissed at him some, but he only pranced after her, then pounced for one of his chew toys. Hopefully, they won’t be rivals.

Can anybody else say, “Aww!” ? 😀 Oakly is going to give Clarence a run for his money!

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “This Week’s Assignment

  1. I just want to have his fur coat to feel all the time!!! That maybe doesn’t sound so nice, but it’s really a compliment about how soft he is!

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