Happy Valentine

I suppose I could go on like some girls do on their blogs but I’ll just be plain different. I don’t have any Christian romance video songs to share, or some dramatic exclamation of how long I’ve been waiting for Mr Wonderful. I’ll just be me. *grins*

“To you, dear, where ever you are. I love you. Cheers. *clinks wine glass into computer screen*. No, I’m not drinking wine. Just a figure of speech.  Anyway, love ya a lot. Oh, and since you aren’t available this Valentine, I’m going to spend it with Clarence, if you don’t mind.  I know he’ll give me love and kisses for you. He’ll also leave me looking like a fur coat. I’ll probably have to be vacuumed off when I’m done hugging and kissing him after an hour. Now I’m probably grossing you out. Anyway; that was just me. Your wife-to-be; Jamie.”

I wonder if Prince Courage will ever read this. Probably not. Oh well. At least everyone else knows I’ll be spending this Valentine with the neighbors’ dogs…Pathetic, but, oh well. It’s what’s on my schedule. *shrugs*. I’m must not be a hopeless romantic.*shrugs again* Oh well. Happy Valentine!

~Jamie Joyce



5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine

  1. And I’m just me… I didn’t even get my post up! Very typical! Too busy! It was about food though, anyway… :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. Loved this post, Jamie! It was totally *you* and it was great. I loved how you addressed your future Mr. Courage even if he’s not in your life at this current moment. 😀

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