Climb or Die: It Won’t Get Any More Public Than This (Dear me, I hope so!)

I decided to do another 75 questions over one of my books; this time on my longest book ever written…’Climb or Die’. It is the one that will never see the public. So..this is probably the most public it will ever become, so take it while it’s here. I might delete this someday. Boy, once my friends read this post, I’ll never hear the end of it. So, to any of you who will never get the chance to hear too much more about this certain, long book of mine. . . read forward. Uh, also a reminder. The book it’s self wasn’t written when I had my best writer’s/under control brain…I was younger, but it is my longest book ever..3o9 pages is pretty long. I could probably delete half of it and it would be alright. Anyway. *Cough* Onward!

1. What’s your word count?
140,563 words..cough, cough; yes. It’s long. Really long. It’s an epic, really . . .
2. How long until you finish? Rough draft, done or edited versions…be my guest!
It’s kinda a mix of a rough draft/edited version. I’ve gone back and changed some parts several times…
3. If you have finished, how long did it take you?
It was in the works for a while, but not as long as Muffin.
4. Do you have an outline?
I didn’t have an outline.
5. Do you have a plot?
Well…it does sorta have a plot. Not so much during the first half; more the second half.
6. How many words do you typically write a day?
I’ve answered this question.
7. What was your greatest word count in one day?
I know that I did a lot of typing in one day; I just don’t know how much.
8. What was your least impressive word count in one day?
9. What inspired you to write?
I’ve answered that question in general, so I’ll rephrase “what inspired you to write this book”. Well, it just came along just because. Just because….the Tigers’ story needed to continue..and it just kinda turned into a life-and-death story by the end. (It would actually make a good thrillers PG-13 movie.Uh, yeah. PG-13. When you’ve got stabbings, lots of blood and enough terror in a story like this..well, if it was on-screen, I would rate it PG-13. Yeah. I was dramatic.)
10. Does your novel have a theme song?
*Cough*I couldn’t pick on. Not for Climb or Die.
11. Assign each of your major characters a theme song.
Major characters?! How could I pick which ones are major?!?!?! *gags* Well, I suppose Bugs, Zak, and Kyle would be major, major, major characters. . . I can’t think of songs for them, though.
12. Which character is most like you?
Once again, it would be Jenny, but she’s even more different from me in this story than in Muffin. I would never have stayed as calm as she had…
13. Which character would you most likely be friends with?
All of them…well, except for the bad guys. Kyle in particular. He makes me so mad….Anybody who goes around shooting up my gang had better watch out!!! Oh, he’s fiction?! My gang is fiction!? Oh. I forgot. Sorry.
14. Do you have a Gary-Stu or Mary Sue character?
I wish I knew what that was supposed to mean….
15. Who is your favorite character in your novel?
Oh, I love The Four Twins a lot in this book, even though they are rather immature and silly. Nero has always been special to me too. And I’ve always liked Bugs…
16. Have your characters ever done something completely unexpected?
Well…it was unexpected of the Four Twins to be able to guide the canoe down the river during the crisis….
17. Have you based any of your novel directly on personal experiences?
Not in this story…
18. Do you believe in plot bunnies ?
19. Is there magic in your novel?
No. Just miracles.
20. Are any holidays celebrated in your novel?
21. Does anyone die?
*COUGH, COUGH* Ahem. I’m surprised that nobody died in this story; but no. Nobody dies. I should have killed off Kyle. But I didn’t. *Pouts* Okay. RE-EDIT!
22. How many cups of coffee/tea have you consumed during your writing experience?
I was about fourteen to fifteen when I was finishing this one up. I didn’t drink either.
23. What is the latest you have stayed up writing?
I stayed up later on this one. Maybe stayed up till about 10:30…
24. What is the best line?
*cough*, well…I’ve got no clue, really. It’s been awhile since I did a whole read through..probably the part where Carl tells one of Kyle’s thugs that they would die only when God decided and not when they wanted them too. That was probably my best line…
25. What is the worst line?
Probably something Betty said…almost always is.
26. Have you dreamed about your novel or its characters?
No, but like I said once, Kayla had a dream of us and the Legacy Gang trying to catch Kyle…
27. Does your novel rely heavily on allegory?
Not this one
28. Summarize your novel in under fifteen words.
HA! Impossible; I’ll do my best, but forget fifteen words. “The fun-filled camping expedition of the detective teen church gang, The Tigers, is turned into a blood-chilling nightmare when their arch-enemy escapes prison and attacks them in the barren, river bottomed canyon with murderous, revengeful thoughts. With part of the party missing, their main way of escape blocked, and their leader half alive, the Tigers’ very lives depends on a canoe being driven down river by the most unlikely from their party in a mad, daring escape for help.” That was cheesey..but, uh, yep. That’s the last half of the book….
29. Do you love all your characters?
All but Kyle. I could do without him….
30. Have you done something sadistic or cruel to your characters specifically to increase your word count?
Nope. Everything was necessary for the plot anyway.
31. What was the last thing your main character ate?
LOL, watermelon.
32. Describe your main character in three words.
I suppose the main character would be Bugs, and he’s not originally mine to begin with (He’s so unlike the first version though; you’d hardly recognize him). Well…Bugs is thoughtful. Self-sacrificing. Protective. A good leader.
33. What would your antagonist dress up as for Halloween?
I can’t see Kyle dressing up for Halloween…
34. Does anyone in your story go to a place of worship?
The gang all goes to the same church (Carmichael-first-version here!)
35. How many romantic relationships take place in your novel?
*COUGH* that’s always an awkward question. Well, in the first half Bugs’ cousin Ants finally asked Lisa to marry him….nothing big or exciting. If anyone had read any of the previous books, it would have been easy to predict. *giggle*. Really easy. Umm, well, in this book Tiffany and Nick are finally married. Herodias and Rick were engaged too. Still, nothing big or exciting.
36. Are there any explosions in your novel?
Does a gun exploding count? If so, yes. Kyle’s gun goes off…a lot. Oh, come to think of it, in the first part of the book when he was caught for exploiting government papers, the police guns were going off to. Man, it’s so easy to forget the first half of the book. Just ain’t as excitin’!
37. Is there an apocalypse in your novel?
No. Betty thinks the world has come to the end though. She just about has a mental melt down in front of the forest rangers: “It’s bad enough that Bugs is hurt, the economy is busted, Obama’s become president and we’re all going to die!” Yep, that’s Betty Carmichael for ya…
38. Does your novel take place in a post-apocalyptic world?
39. Are there zombies, vampires or werewolves in your novel?
LOL, people must actually write stories with these things in them. No
40. Are there witches, wizards or mythological creatures/figures in your novel?
41. Is anyone reincarnated?
Well, if nobody dies then how does one become reincarnated?
42. Is anyone physically ailed?
Well, not until the gang was riddled full of bullets…
43. Is anyone mentally ill?
Kyle is mentally ill with revengeful thoughts…
44. Does anyone have swine flu?
LOL. No.
45. Who has pets in your novel and what are they?
Well, the Carmichaels have pets; horses, dogs, cats. Just about the same from Muffin; only more. They did have an Irish Wolfhound called Princess (if I can’t have a Irish Wolfhound, the Carmichael’s can!) (I just love that family!)
46. Are there angels, demons, or any religious references/figures in your novel?
The Bible is referred to. So is prayer, King David, and also the angel of Death.
47. How about political figures?
Well…Obama was obviously mentioned by an hysteric Betty.
48. Is there incessant drinking?
I don’t think so….
49. Are there board games? If so, which ones?
LOL, yes. Candyland is mentioned in the beginning of this one…
50. Are there any dream sequences?
51. Is there humor?
Okay. Come on. Anything with the Four Twins is funny…that was their main purpose.
52. Is there tragedy?
Uh, duh. Yeah! They’re nearly all killed! What else would you call that?! *groans* I write the most over-dramatic stories.
53. Does anyone have a temper tantrum?
The older girls do when they learn from Kyle about what he did to Bugs. They all started screaming…and then they charged him!
54. How many characters end up single at the end of your novel?
I still don’t understand what that means…
55. Is anyone in your novel adopted?
Actually, they don’t know it even, but all the Green teens are adopted. (It was a quiet theme I had because when I first made them all up, they were all nearly the same age..the only explanation was adoption…)
56. Does anyone in your novel wear glasses?
57. Has your novel provided insight about your life?
Life is short. Spend it wisely
58. Your personality?
Has my novel provided insight about my personality? Uh, yes. I can write really deep, horrifying stories if I want to.
59. Has your novel inspired anyone?
LOL, no one but Kayla has read it. She was only wondering if they all survived. I think. Hey, Kayla, were you inspired by this dumb story? *grins*
60. How many people have asked to read your novel?
No one has asked. Until now, no one has probably known this book existed….
61. Have you drawn any of your characters?
62. Has anyone drawn your characters for you
Well, Kayla might have.
63. Does anyone vomit in your novels?
Some of them might have. I’ve got no I idea, though. I didn’t go that deep into reality.
64. Does anyone bleed in your novel?
Heck, yes. Kyle is shot when he’s first captured, before he escaped. Bugs is stabbed in the back, Zak is shot in the shoulder, Ants is shot twice in the side, Duke is shot in the upper arm…Uh…Ike cuts his hand bad when he starts cutting free his friends who got tied up. Hmm. I can’t think of anyone else…. *yells, “anybody else bleed? Oh, you scrapped your knee, Betty? Thanks. I’m sure that was really important to the plot. Come to think of it, I don’t remember writing about it. What do you mean, you decided not to tell me!? I could have made it into something great! Never mind, you’re now talking out of turn! Sit down!” turns back around* I have been informed that Betty scrapped her knee. Oh well, it’s still bleeding… *sighs loudly in depressed voice;* Betty scraped her knee!! *turns back around, “there. Satisfied? No? Oh, well. Who cares. Sit down and be quiet”*
65. Do any of your characters watch TV?
Only when they’re on it…they do make the news; they’re detectives. They catch criminals in their home town, often with the police. So they do get on the news once in a while…
66. What size shoe does your main character wear?
I never know those kind of details. Actually, shoe size plays into this story a bit.
67. Do any of the characters in your novel use a computer?
They have computers, but I don’t remember writing about them using them.
68. How would you react if your novel was erased entirely?
I would..probably…cry.
69. Did you cry at killing off any of your characters?
LOL, amazingly, as much as they suffered, nobody died. I did tear up a bit when Duke and Jenny thought Bugs was breathing his last…it was so sad.
70. Did you cheer when killing off one of your characters?
Well, if I had killed off Kyle, you bet I would have!
71. What advice would you give to a fellow writer.
Don’t write long, stupid, over dramatic stories that you will be embarrassed about later. Especially when that long, stupid, over dramatic story is the longest one you ever wrote so you have to mention it simply because of that. *blushes*
72. Describe your ending in three words.
Three words?! Well, here it goes…Survival, recovery, relief. I think…
73. Are there any love triangles, squares, hexagons, etc.?
I suppose there was a ‘love triangle’….not really ‘love’ though. It was Dick trying to have Lisa like him more and Ants trying to keep Dick out of sigh….LOL, that’s hilarious, now that I think about it….
74. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least stressful, 10 being the most) how does your stress pan out.
Uh, I don’t remember. I remember during the second half it got a little stressful to me, because I didn’t want to leave the gang in such dire straits. Can’t leave scattered ’em across the bottom of the canyon almost bleeding to death!
75. Was it worth it?

Well…to me personally, it was. It was because of this book and the ones before that helped me build my Carmichael family. Without them there would have been no Muffin characters. This book was also supposed to be the last in the  Tiger series (supposedly to continue in the ‘Carmichael series’, but I never got through book one of that), so it was good to draw the long, continuing adventures of the Tigers to an ending. They came far from the very beginning (consider the very, very beginning in the original Encyclopedia Brown books when they were all young bullies). I left ’em all in about their seventeenth/eighteenth year…a good place to stop. Right before they’re ready for romance, which is something I’m not good at writing about (Ants and Lisa’s relationship was sloppy and cheesy enough) and it’s something I don’t enjoy reading about anyway… So, yes, it was worth it bringing the Tigers to a close and bringing on the new Carmichael’s!

I love them all! Now, stay quiet in the depths of my computer, and don’t come out again, y’all! I’ve written your tribute! That’s enough! . . . . . . I’m so embarrassed. *grins jokingly*

~Jamie Joyce

PS Betty is now complaining that she deserves fair acknowledgment for helping to save Bugs’ life. Yes, yes, you were in that canoe, weren’t you?! Yes, yes, I know you told the Rangers what for! Sit down and be quiet. You’ll get enough fame when Muffin is published. Yes, you will. Yes. Yes! Didn’t I say yes?! Jenny, I don’t know how you live with her! Okay, Betty; it is now officially time out. Sit down and regain your brain. Sit down! Stop screaming! Zak! Rip! Somebody! HELP!

*Cough* To you authors out there….do your characters ever seem so real to you?! Or am I just plain nuts? I suspect the latter . . . . . .

19 thoughts on “Climb or Die: It Won’t Get Any More Public Than This (Dear me, I hope so!)

  1. Okay, as best as I understand them:

    Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters: A character that is overly perfect and/or the “author’s pet”. (usually unintentionally)

    Plot Bunny: An idea for a story that keeps nagging you until you write it.


    Oh, my characters are real to me… Right now Brandon McVester and Michael Casper are both telling me that I need to work on their stories… and Louise, Malcolm, Priscilla and Adrian are just nagging at me… And I already told you about Claudette! :p

    Goodness! Sounds like a wild story!! I think I would have killed someone off though… I’m so cruel aren’t I?!

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. Yes, very helpful! Thank you!

    Yes, I remember about Claudette. I’m afraid my bad guys never speak to me…they’re too bitter..

    It is very wild. I never,never conceived the thought of killing any of them though. Unthinkable! 😀 Yes, you are cruel to your characters; after all, you suffered Christine with that horrible Claudette for ages and ages….Poor thing! *grins teasingly*

    ~Jamie Joyce

    1. Good!

      Ha! Mine aren’t… The more bitter they are, the louder they are… Claudette is anyway! 😉

      lol Poor Christine… what about Claudius? Or Sarah? They had more contact with the Claudette than Christine!! :p I admit, I DO create some of my characters, just to kill them off… meaning they’re end is planned before they are even named usually.

      To the KING be all the glory!

  3. I was so intimidated to comment on this one because it was so long and therefore my comment would be long… so, here it goes!
    #10 A theme song, aye? I know one, Jamie! It’s from Pirates of the Caribbean 2, track 15. I think it’s pretty much like it.
    #11 There are too many of them to pick songs, though I’m sure I could do it.
    #12 Obviously Katie is based after me. I think it’s like me to do that slave thing. (you know Jamie)
    #13 is too easy for me. Obviously Betty is my friend in real life….I would like to be friends with Hero and Tiff I think.
    #14 overly perfect? That would be Bugs, Zak, Jenny, most of the main characters…

    1. I am continuing my comment- *cough* this is more like a commentary then a comment! >>>
      #15 I like Nero, The Four, Jane, Wilford is sotty, and I like the big guys. You know.
      #16 I didn’t expect the gang to go camping with only Nick and Tiff as the oldest humans acommpaining them, you’d think Bugs would have more sense…
      #21 If someone had died it would have totally ruined part of the story. The whole unescapable concept makes you believe they’ll all die, so when they don’t it’s a better miracle!
      #24 The super comic parts are hilarious. I think probably something Katie said….oh alright, maybe something Betty said.
      #25 Probably from the dinner that Ants proposes. When Nate and Robin are doing the wedding bell thing…oh nevermind!
      #28 I will summarize in 15 words, observe: The Gang Goes Camping. Kyle’s Revenge Nearly Exterminates Them. But God’s Sovreignty Saves Them. Whew!

      1. Jamie I hope you are not mad about all this, you told me to comment, so:
        #36 Betty explodes several times. So does Ants and Winthrop, (remember J? When Betty teased them about fattness?) Ant does again when Betty calls him girly. There were alot of explotions!
        #43 This is just my opinion but I think Bugs is because he let his gang go with only Nick and Tiff as Adults…
        #40 There is too. Ghosts are mentioned.
        #46 They also did some Bible plays…
        #54 if this means divorced then, no. But Katie, Betty, Jenny, Sally, The Nero Girls, and a million other people are single at the end.
        #59 *hand clasps to heart and tears begin to roll. I pull out a hankerchief and dab my eyes.* Oh, yes! *sniff* this book, *sniff* has changed my life! I shall, always think of it, till I die!
        Okay, forget all that! Seriously: yes and that is all I am going to say!
        #60 I have asked Millions of times, all to no avail. Jamie stubbornly parrots that this is a ‘stupid book’. I don’t get why she is even posting about it if it is so dumb. I disagree, I think it’s epicly good!
        #62 Yes I have. I have drawn Kyle, Bugs, Zak, Sally, Betty, Katie and the Beer.
        #71 I am not a writer so I can’t advise about that, but have advise for kids who read their siblings books: Do not tease enless they like it because they will start spouting off threats about how they’ll never let you see another sentence!
        #74 I didn’t like the parts Kyle’s teeth were falling out. And it was mostly stressful because Jamie woulds stop reading to me right when Kyle is stabbing for Bugs or something. I had to sleep wondering if the Gang gets hurt or what. Very anoying.
        #75 Oh Yeah it was! The silliness never ends, the adventure makes you want to shoot your computer, and the ending makes you want to boycott Jamie for not writing more. IT IS SOO GOOD AND I WISH I COULD HEAR IT AGAIN! WHOO-HOO! PLEASE JAMIE?

  4. Kayla….you’re not making it into a movie right now, so you don’t need to be going over the movie plans, okay? Better just drop it for now. You’re making me sick at the very thought of seeing this book on screen. Yuck. It would; 1) too sad 2) too bloody 3) too violent 4) too, too, too, too sad! Everyone would be weeping their eyes out if they saw my book on screen. Especially if it had some riveting score and cinematography; plus some really, really, REALLY good actors. It would take some good acting for this book…so, you might as well drop the idea…

    ~Jamie Joyce

  5. Okay, but I have to answer! I could do it like the black and whites where they don’t show the blood and stuff. And the funny stuff would make up for the stress. 😀

  6. Black and white….nope. LOL, got me thinking of casting different old black and white actors in the gang’s place–they’d have to be younger though…you know. Flynn would make a good Duke, except Duke has black hair. Olivia De Haviland would make a good Jenny. And if Henry Daniels was bigger and meaner sounding, he could be Kyle…mmm, on second thought, maybe not…..Henry Daniels just makes a good Moriarty. . . .

    ~Jamie Joyce

  7. Hmm… Maybe you should just send me the book, Jamie. I don’t count as “public”, do I? I can decide then if I think it’s as bad as you say, or as great as Kayla says. 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  8. LOL, you do count as public, and you would really have to read the six prior books as well for number seven to make much sense….and they are all even more badly written… Nice try, though. *grin*

    ~Jamie Joyce

  9. lol I did try at least… and you know, an editor isn’t public EXACTLY… but pretty close, I suppose. :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

  10. ROFL Well… my two regular editors are KINDA public… but I’d let them read things that I would let few others…

    To the KING be all the glory!

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