A New Favorite Quote

I’ve written the background to the quote as well, so you have a context of what he’s talking about…:D The part I like is in italic and also bold.

“What a fabulous half century this has been with this technological advancements and increased material advantages to the average citizen of the Western world. Before these words ever get into print a man will probably have been shot into outer space, the moon will have lost any semblance of its earlier romantic connotations, and a course around Venus will have been charted by some orbiting projectile. And yet, to slightly misquote Jack Gould of the New York Times, “Somebody has mislaid the magic” that once inspired us to the such phenomenal creative endeavors. Perhaps we have also “mislaid” God, the originator of all creation past, present and future, to man’s ever-increasing confidence in his own accomplishment.” Basil Rathbone, from ‘In and Out of Character’.

I remember exactly what I thought when I read that. “Wow. Amen. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. He had something right!!” I was excited when I learned that even Rathbone understood the danger of being overly confident in yourself and not giving God glory (even though he didn’t put it that way). His statement ‘in his own accomplishment’ reminds me of the Titanic episode, when man became too confident in themselves, and lost many lives because of it. It also reminds me of the Tower of Babble, Rome’s great empire that crumbled to dust, and even today’s world of amazing gadgets and technology in everyone’s pockets, but many not giving God praise or glory for His mercy.

How often do we in everyday life do the same thing?

~Jamie Joyce


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