The Pumpkin Patch; Take One

Alright, for those of you who’ve known me since I was little, prepare for a step back in time. For those who haven’t..well..come along anyway. Time for the first post of ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ (Young’s Farm) with a the oldest set of pictures I could find, taken from our home video.

Me and Ben in the actual patch of pumpkins. I’m frantically trying to remember how old we were, but I can’t seen to pick between four and five. I know we aren’t three for sure, because Bethany and Kayla are not that young. So I’m guessing four…which would make them two…Mmm, no, five. I know what Kayla looked like at age two, and she looked younger. So, we must be ages five and three.

Ben….What would us girls do without him?

A fun ride we’d always rode. I should give in background. Our two families normally went to the patch on a Saturday (I pretty sure, anyway), and we always drove up in the cousin’s car. We’d get there in the morning, and do the normal routine. We’d have lunch and drive back in toward evening..


Aw! Bethany is adorable!!!! And Ben is cute too!

Pony rides! So, so fun! The actual only times I’ve ever really got close to the horse species.

Me and Uncle David.

Throwing leaves! Something we did for many, many years! Oh, if you’re wondering where my Dad is, well, he’s behind the camera…

Kayla collecting leaves.

The petting zoo was always so fun. The Dads would buy us our cups of feed and we’d try to hand feed the goats! The Moms took pictures.

Bethany and I feeding a black goat.

Ben and I.

I remember lots of fun things from Young’s Farm. The freshly pressed apple cider was a killer–so good! The hay rides were really fun and bumpy.

When we were at about this size, we would get to slide down the steep slide into a gigantic area filled with corn kernels. I remember hating the feeling of the corn stuck inside my sneakers…

We all liked to jump in the bouncy castle together..till we got older and liked the bouncy maze castle better! More on that to come.

Me jumping. Ben flat on his face.

Kayla liked to sit on the edge and gently bounce up and down while everyone else would ‘bounce around til we knocked our heads in and passed out!’. Uh, the quote is from Junior from ‘The Wizard of Ha’s’; a Veggietale show. Just had to say that.

We hit the corn maze. This trip was the first time Ben and I split off by ourselves, and was actually the trip that the tradition of ‘running from the Parents’ began. From then on, us four would split, and try to avoid the Dads, who would sneak up or hide from us and then jump out yelling at us. It would freak the daylights out of us (us girls got to be good screamers when we got older), but it was a good kind of freaking out. The fun part is that Dad would film a lot of the ‘surprise’ jumping-out on the camera, so we get to re-watch our reactions!
Uncle David and Kayla looking over the corn to try to find us. This was the was the only time Kayla and Bethany were on the Dad’s side of ‘jumping out’ at us. The next year, they were old enough to run off with us!

Bethany, Kayla and Uncle David lying in wait for the two unsuspecting cousins.

Taking another turn. (We did also try to find the way out)

Kayla’s probably wondering why they were doing all this sneaking around. Isn’t she so cute!!??

I think Dad and the camera has just jumped out from around a corner. I love our facial expressions. Ben looks as though he thought it was the funniest thing, and I look like I’m ready to pass out with exhilaration.

Yep, I think I can say for all of us that the corn maze was definitely a highlight . . . .

~Jamie Joyce


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