And My Next Five Favorite

I got more pictures for my next five favorite! Quite a variety, eh?

The brown bear is my next favorite. I’ve used the brown bear in three of my books; Muffin, Blair’s Return Home, and Journey. In the first two books, the bear takes on a ferocious stand; a mouthful of teeth. In Journey, it was a tame pet to ‘the cousins’ as they traveled through a wild land.

See? In one sense, I’d hate to be the one in the tent if that was real life. But look again. Picture yourself sitting on top of that monster if it…well, wasn’t really a monster. Whatta ride that would be!

Next favorite is the dolphin. They’re not big, but they’re graceful and pretty. They’re the stuff day/ocean dreams are made of. . . .

Next is the lion. I just like lion packs. They really do look like kitty cats…just gigantic.

Next favorite is the seal. They’re cute, sleek, and I’ve actually fed them. It was really neat standing about three feet from a seal and throwing it food; the only thing between us was a glass railing.

Don’t you just want to pick the little one up and cuddle it?!

And the next favorite is the zebra. They’re just like horses, but unique in that they’ve got stripes, and that they’re mains stand straight up. They also were in Journey, only they were spotted and not stripped. Imagine trotting down the street on one of those.

So those are my next five favorite animals. 😀

~Jamie Joyce

2 thoughts on “And My Next Five Favorite

  1. I like all these too! Clarence is like a lion with no mane! Ha! I wish you would read me your ‘Journey’ book again!

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